Amar Kumar Behera

Dr Amar Kumar Behera BTech, MTech, Minor, MS, PhD, FHEA, PGCHET, CEng, MIMechE

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Design

Key details

Dr Amar Kumar Behera

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Design

Dr Amar Behera is a chartered engineer and a member of IMechE. He currently works as a senior lecturer in engineering design and program leader for the product design engineering programs at the University of Greenwich. Previously, Dr Behera worked at the University of Chester as a senior lecturer and program leader.

Teaching areas primarily include engineering design with a focus on computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering, engineering mechanics, mechatronics and robotics, manufacturing automation and control systems with research interests in Industry 4.0, digital twins, advanced manufacturing, multi-robot systems, new product development and design informatics.

Prior to joining the University of Chester, Dr Behera worked as a lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast and as a research fellow at the University of Nottingham and University of Leeds. Dr Behera has served on several external and internal academic panels, is an external examiner at four UK universities and has led the delivery of the mechanical engineering program at Chester.

His research has attracted significant industry interest and he currently has 10+ enlisted partners including PECM Systems, Seagate, GE, Airbus, Magellan, Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing, CUBIS Systems, etc. He has also successfully obtained a number of grants from EPSRC and industrial partners.

Responsibilities within the university

Programme leader

BEng Engineering Design

Module leader

Computer-Aided Design and Manufacture

Product Design Engineering

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Collaborative Design and Problem Solving

Module instructor

Design and Materials


Featured in “Materials World” article, April 2022, “Metal forming in minutes”,

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 Foundation Certificate, 2009, EXIN

Director, IIT Kharagpur’s letter for unique distinction of scoring GPA 10/10 in Spring semester 2004-05 at IIT Kharagpur

1st in Robotics, IDEON, Inter-collegiate techno management fest, IIT Kharagpur, 2002

Ranked 1st in the department at IIT, Kharagpur in both B.Tech (Hons.) and M. Tech.

Ranked 2nd nationally in India in school board exams, 1996, 1998


Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

Chartered Engineer, Engineering Council

Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy

External Examiner/Moderator at:

Ulster University

University of Hertfordshire

Coventry University

University of Central Lancashire

The Open University

Member, EPSRC Associate Peer Review College

Editorial Board Member, Digital Manufacturing Technology, 2021 – present

External Panel Member, Validation event, BEng Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering, University of Hertfordshire, June 2021

Judge at annual IMeche presentations competition (Speak out for engineering), North Yorkshire branch, held at Arup, Leeds, 2016-17

Vice-President, PhD Society Leuven, June 2010-September 2011

Editor, The Voice, International Student Newspaper of Leuven, 2010-2011

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr Behera's research has four separate themes: i) engineering design informatics, ii) advanced digital manufacturing, iii) robotics and autonomous systems and iv) resilience in complex engineered systems. Current research interests include:

  • Multi-robot systems
  • Automation of factory shop floors
  • Industry 4.0 implementation
  • Incremental sheet forming
  • Hybridization of manufacturing processes
  • Voice-enabled CAD/CAM
  • Product lifecycle management

Open to PhD applicants on following topics:

  • Computer-aided process planning for multi-tasking machines and multi-machine tasks
  • Design and implementation of a voice-enabled product lifecycle management platform
  • Functionally resilient multi-robot systems for smart cities and national infrastructure.

Key funded projects

Principal Investigator, Environment-friendly manufacture of precision engineered components with improved productivity using precision electro-chemical polishing and impulse electro-chemical machining, Sustainable Futures PhD studentship, £60,000, University of Chester and PECM Systems,12/21-06/22

Principal Investigator, Evolving the designs of functionally resilient multi-robot systems, £1,000, Faculty small grants scheme, University of Chester, 12/19-06/22

Principal Investigator, Designing functionally resilient multi-robot systems for smart cities and national infrastructure, EPSRC Network + grant, University of Sheffield, £9,708, 09/18-08/19

Principal Investigator, Desktop hybrid manufacturing system, EPSRC Impact Acceleration grant, £10, 000, 07/18-05/19

MEng Summer Research Internship (2018), Internal call (school) £2,000,

CUBIS Systems, industrially backed MEng project (2018) and student placement (£12-16k)

Magellan Aerospace, industrially backed BEng project (2018)

JW Kane, industrially backed MEng project (2018)

Seagate, industrially backed BEng project (2018)

Named researcher, EPSRC “Design the Future” project booster grant, 2016-17, Fund holder: Prof. Alison McKay, £1.2 m

Named researcher, IDO, Bio-Medical Applications of Incremental Forming, 01/10/2014-30/09/2018, €750,000: Fund holders: Professor Joost Duflou

FWO doctoral research scholarship (2009-13), KU Leuven, Belgium

Travel grant to attend AIST conference in Cleveland, Ohio (value: $250), 2006

C.J. Gauthier Fellowship, University of Illinois (value: $2000), 2005

Recent publications

  1. Behera, A., de Sousa, R.A., Oleksik, V., Dong, J., Fritzen, D. (2022), Student perceptions of remote learning transitions in engineering disciplines during the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-national study. European Journal of Engineering Education. DOI: 10.1080/03043797.2022.2080529
  2. McKay, A., Chau, H.H., Earl, C.F., Behera A., de Pennington, A., Hogg, D. (2019). A lattice-based approach for navigating design configuration spaces. Advanced Engineering Informatics. Volume 42, October 2019, 100928. doi: 10.1016/j.aei.2019.100928. IF: 3.358
  3. Behera A., McKay, A., Earl, C.F., Chau, H.H., Robinson, M.A., de Pennington, A., Hogg, D. (2019). Sharing design definitions across product lifecycles. Research in Engineering Design. doi: 10.1007/s00163-018-00306-0. 2019, Volume 30, Issue 3, pp 339–361. IF: 2.625 (2017), SNIP: 1.76 (2016)