Dudley Farman

Dudley Farman

Analytical Chemist

Dudley Farman has worked at the University of Greenwich for over 23 years. He is an analytical chemist with over 23 years' experience in the analysis and formulation of insect pheromones and related natural products, and also in chemical quality assessment of horticultural produce. He has wide experience of the installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software, and of analytical equipment, and has short-term overseas experience in Africa.

Dudley's research has been directed at reducing the use of conventional, chemical insecticides through the development of more environmentally-acceptable and sustainable approaches, particularly those based on natural products such as pheromones and other semiochemicals.

Dudley has also been involved with research on the biological and ecological roles of plant chemicals for applications to different agricultural development problems, including natural resistance to insect pests and use of pesticidal plants (botanical insecticides) in locally produced insecticides used by small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Research / Scholarly interests

Dudley's particular interests are in pheromones of insects, which control many aspects of their behaviour, and odours of plants which attract or repel insects. He is heavily involved in replicating these compounds synthetically, using a range of analytical techniques, to define their precise chemical structure and reproduce them synthetically. He works with biologists in the laboratory and in the field and with commercial companies to ensure research results are taken forward to help manage pests and diseases in an environmentally-acceptable, sustainable manner.

Recent publications


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