John Milledge

Dr John Milledge BSc, MPhil, PhD

Research Fellow

Key details

Dr John J Milledge
BSc, MPhil, PhD

Research Fellow

Dr John Milledge completed a PhD at the University of Southampton on "Energy Balance and Techno-economic Assessment of Algal Biofuel Production Systems", and whilst working as a Research Demonstrator at Reading University he completed research for an MPhil, "The Hygienic Design of Food Plant". He also graduated from Reading University with a BSc in Food Technology.

He was previously a Researcher and Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Southampton working on energy balance modelling and techno-economic assessment of algal biomass cultivation systems. John was also Head of Research at Pure Energy Fuels working on the commercialisation of micro-algae, and has worked for G & M, Unilever Research, Sainsbury Spillers, Padleys, Palethorpes, Crosse & Blackwell, Unilever and as an independent biotechnology consultant. He has given specialist lectures at a number of Universities and Colleges.

Community activities include being a member of the Kent Society of Rugby Union Football Referees and Past President of Gravesend & Meopham Rotary Club.


Editor in Chief of Environment and Natural Resources Research (ENRR)

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr John J Milledge's current research interests are:

  1. Macroalgae value chains for hydrocarbon fuels - Part of an EPSRC-funded project entitled "MacroBioCrude: developing a potential integrated process design and establishing the energetic and techno-economic viability together with sustainability of large-scale marine-based biofuel in UK coastal regions."
  2. Commercialisation of the growth of micro-algae for the production of biofuel and other high value products.
  3. Energy Balance of bioenergy and algal production processes
  4. Horizontal Biorefinery - Integrates evaporative salt production with the intensive cultivation of microalgae that are present naturally in waters of increasing salinity.
  5. Hygienic design of food plant – particular interest in the cleanability of stainless steel used as a food contact surface

Recent publications


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Book section

Milledge, John J. , Thompson, Elinor P., Sauvetre, Andre, Schroeder, Pater , Harvey, Patricia (2019), Novel developments in biological technologies for wastewater processing, Elsevier. In: , , In: Charis M. Galanakis, Evita Agrafioti (eds.), Sustainable Water and Wastewater Processin. Elsevier, pp. 239-278 ISBN: 9780128161708 (doi: Published NB Item availability restricted.

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Conference item

Milledge, John J. , Nielsen, Birthe, Harvey, Patricia (2018), Sargassum – Menace, Methane, Mouth and More, In: 3rd Medway Engineering Conference, 20 June 2018, University of Greenwich, Medway Campus , . , (doi: ) Published.

Maneein, Supattra , Nielsen, Birthe, Milledge, John J. (2018), Comparison between automated anaerobic digestion test systems for determination of biochemical methane potential of cellulose, In: 5th International Conference on Renewable Energy Gas Technology, 3-4 May, Toulouse, France , . , (doi: Unpublished.

Zigan, Stefan , Hettiaratchi, Kaushika, Milledge, John J. (2017), Evaluate the blend quality of powders using a simplified mixing law, In: Reliable Flow of Particulate Solid V (RELPOWFLO V), 13-15 June 2017, Skien, Norway , . , (doi: Published.