John Milledge

Dr John Milledge BSc, MPhil, PhD

Research Fellow

Dr John Milledge completed a PhD at the University of Southampton on "Energy Balance and Techno-economic Assessment of Algal Biofuel Production Systems", and whilst working as a Research Demonstrator at Reading University he completed research for an MPhil, "The Hygienic Design of Food Plant". He also graduated from Reading University with a BSc in Food Technology.

He was previously a Researcher and Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Southampton working on energy balance modelling and techno-economic assessment of algal biomass cultivation systems. John was also Head of Research at Pure Energy Fuels working on the commercialisation of micro-algae, and has worked for G & M, Unilever Research, Sainsbury Spillers, Padleys, Palethorpes, Crosse & Blackwell, Unilever and as an independent biotechnology consultant. He has given specialist lectures at a number of Universities and Colleges.

Community activities include being a member of the Kent Society of Rugby Union Football Referees and Past President of Gravesend & Meopham Rotary Club.


Guest Editor Algal Biotechnology and Biofuels Special Edition of Energies. Guest Editor Algal Biofuels Special Edition of Journal of Marine Science and Engineering


Editor in Chief of Environment and Natural Resources Research (ENRR)

Research / Scholarly interests

Dr John J Milledge's current research interests are:

  • The use of seaweed, primarily Sargassum (both S. muticum and holopelagic species), for fuel and biorefining. - Ongoing project involvement: Darwin Plus funded project, "Sustainable solutions for Sargassum inundations in Turks & Caicos". Previous project involvement: a) EPSRC-funded project entitled "MacroBioCrude: developing a potential integrated process design and establishing the energetic and techno-economic viability together with sustainability of large-scale marine-based biofuel in UK coastal regions." b) Higher Value Chemicals from plants (HVCfP) funded project, "Road Map for the Use of Sargassum muticum in high-value Bioactive Compound Discovery". c) HVCfP funded project, "Novel application of brown seaweed as an antibacterial coating for interdental drug delivery".
  • The growth and processing of microalgae to produce biofuel, food and other high-value products. Current project involvement: 'Valgorize' (Valorisation of algae for a better taste) funded by Interreg-2-seas. Previous project involvement a) the Dfactory (the microalgae biorefinery) funded by the EU FP7. b) Interreg IVA Channel Project Ecotec 21, " Glycerol Fuel Supply Chain". c) AllGas, "Industrial-scale demonstration of sustainable algae cultures for biofuel production" supported by EU FP7
  • Energy Balance of bioenergy and algal production processes.
  • Anaerobic digestion.
  • Hygienic design of food plant – with interest in the cleanability of stainless steel used as a food contact surface.

Recent publications


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Book section

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Conference item

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