Kristina Masuwa-Morgan

Professor Kristina Masuwa-Morgan BSc MSc PhD SFHEA

Director of Learning and Teaching (DLT)

Key details

Professor Kristina Rungano Masuwa-Morgan

Director of Learning and Teaching (DLT)

Professor Kristina Masuwa-Morgan, also known as Kristina Rungano, has a multidisciplinary background spanning across Computer Science, Psychology, Quality Assurance, Business Management and Strategy. Her teaching specialisms are in Strategic Management and Leadership, eBusiness, Digital Marketing and Software Engineering with specific emphasis in programming, requirements engineering and usability engineering.

During the 80s, she occupied a number of positions in the computing industry in Zimbabwe for organisatons such as Scientific Computer Centre where she worked as Operations Manager. In this role she was part of the management group that approved projects across government departments serviced by the centre (e.g. Agriculture, Defense, Transport and other Civil Services, Housing, Physical planning, Central Statistical Office and Manpower planning, Met office…) as well as managing day-to-day operations.

She also worked for Agricultural Finance Corporation as an Analyst/Programmer mainly involved in development of a Loan System. This was followed by Tee Systems as Software Manager and then Logistics Manager with responsibility for Engineering support activities, client software development, implementation and support. She then became a consultant for International Computers Limited (ICL) with responsibility for providing first level support for computerising activities for clients that included University of Zimbabwe and various others. During this period she also extended her work to self-employed Information Technology consultancy.

Professor Masuwa-Morgan has worked in the UK since 1989 for companies such as London Voluntary Services Council, Women's Computer Centre, and Happy Computers as well as being a self-employed IT consultant before she became an Academic in 1994.

Her first job was as Senior Lecturer at London Southbank University. She also worked briefly for the University of Westminster, London.

She first joined the University of Greenwich’s Faculty of Engineering and Science at the end of 2016 after having worked as a Director for Learning and Teaching/ Principal Lecturer for Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) where she was employed since 1998 and also occupied a variety of other roles such as Technology Enhanced Learning Co-Ordinator, Faculty Director of Quality and Business School Information Systems Director whilst also lecturing first in the Computing Department and then in the Business School.

Responsibilities within the university

Ex-officio member of a number of learning, teaching and quality related committees and working groups.


2014-date: Senior Fellow, Higher Education Academy

2010-2015: Chartered IT Professional (CITP), British Computer Society (BCS)

2000-2015: Member, British Computer Society (BCS)

1998-2000: Professional, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) -  SIGCHI (Human Computer Interactions)

1995-1996: Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE)

Research / Scholarly interests

Professor Masuwa-Morgan's Computer Science discipline level research interests include:

  • Human Factors Engineering especially accessibility requirements engineering
  • Metrics especially requirement metrics and defects measurement

Pedagogic research interests include:

  • Inclusive curriculum and intercultural communication
  • eLearning  especially eAssessment
  • Personal Development Planning for students

She also blends her work with data analytics including learner analytics, and Quality Assurance paradigms, and has also been exploring the blend between poetry and knowledge management.

Her PhD work involved the development of an ontology for accessibility requirements specification.

Key funded projects

2011/2012: £2000 internal funding obtained from CCCU Research & Enterprise Development Centre Internship programme to support development of my accessibility requirement repository, AccessOnto

During her period as an IT consultant she won tenders for the development of an Aids Analysis System for the Public Health Labs in Zimbabwe, development of a Legal Case Management and Trademark System; an Integrated Accounting Information System; and a Works and Supplies System for a civil construction and building services company.

Professor Masuwa-Morgan is also a literary writer and critic, publishing under the name Kristina Rungano.