Dr Maan Al-Gailani BDS, PhD, MIBMS

Senior Lecturer Biomedical Science, University of Greenwich representative MSA Cairo

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Maan Al-Gailani

Dr Maan Al-Gailani

Senior Lecturer Biomedical Science, University of Greenwich representative MSA Cairo

Dr Maan Al-Gailani obtained his high school diploma from the American Jesuit School in Baghdad, Iraq (Baghdad College). He then completed his university study at Baghdad University College of Dentistry where he obtained his Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in 1972

Following compulsory National Service and Government Service, Dr Al-Gailani was appointed as a demonstrator at the College of Dentistry, Baghdad University in 1975 where he was awarded a scholarship to pursue postgraduate studies at the Department of Oral Pathology, King’s College Hospital Dental School. He received his PhD in Histopathology from the University of London in 1984.

Dr Al-Gailani joined the College of Dentistry in King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1984 as an Assistant Professor and Consultant Oral Pathologist where he combined teaching duties with research and diagnostic histopathology. He was appointed as the head of the division of Oral Pathology/Oral Biology in 1987 and the representative to the College Research Council and produced many publications. During this period Dr Al-Gailani was sent to Tokyo, Japan, to train technicians in scanning and transmission electron microscopy.

He came to the UK in 1997 and worked for two years in the proteomics and sequencing services in Charing Cross Hospital before moving to Nescot College, Epsom as a lecturer in 2001. He joined the University of Greenwich in 2009 as a Senior Lecturer in the School of Science where he is currently Programme Manager for the MSc Applied Biomedical Science and Foundation Degree in Biomedical Science.

Responsibilities within the university

Programme Leader

MSc Applied Biomedical Science
Fd Biomedical Science

Course Leader

Work-Placement Based Learning 1 and 2

Course participation

Introduction to Medical Science
Intermediate Forensic Science
Pathophysiology of Disease
Practical and Professional Skills
Selected Topics in Biomedical Science

Areas of expertise

  • Experimental and clinical pathology
  • Histopathology
  • Electron microscopy
  • Enzyme and immunocytochemistry.