Dr Mark Colpus BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Sports Science/Performance Analysis and Biomechanics

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Dr Mark Colpus

Dr Mark Colpus
BSc, MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Sports Science/Performance Analysis and Biomechanics

Dr Mark Colpus joined the University of Greenwich in October 2012. He was previously Programme Leader of Engineering at North Lindsey College, Scunthorpe. His PhD (University of Leeds) in the three-dimensional analysis of human movement questioned the prevalent black-box approach to data acquisition and processing. Lecturing at the University of Leeds until 2005, Mark was able to apply his engineering background to the theoretical and practical issues concerning the validity and reliability of human performance data.

Having completed a sixty-six minute half-marathon Mark is an experienced runner and appreciates the demands of high-level sports performance.

Responsibilities within the university

Teaching and research interests:

Performance Analysis – linking planned performance objectives to competitive performance outcomes.
Anthropometry – remote data collection, integrity and analysis
Standardization of human performance data
Application of non-Euclidean techniques to human movement analysis
Digital filtering techniques
Exploitation of new technologies


Working with the new owners and management of Ebbsfleet United FC Mark is responsible for delivering performance analysis services to the first team. This collaboration is expanding to create an innovative, student enterprise initiative that will help lead a coherent culture of performance and excellence throughout the club.

In support of the maturation studies at the University of Greenwich Mark is creating protocols and standards to ensure the integrity and correct interpretation of externally generated anthropometric data.

For UK Athletics Mark has worked with Britain's leading throwers in shot and discus whilst also being responsible for the design and build of throwing frames for Paralympic athletes.