Mohammad Sakikhales

Dr Mohammad Sakikhales PhD, MSc, BArch, PGCE

Programme Leader for MSc Construction Project Management

Key details

Dr Mohammad Sakikhales

Programme Leader for MSc Construction Project Management

Mohammad Sakikhales is a lecturer in Construction Management and Property Development at the University of Greenwich. Motivated by his background in both Architecture and Project Management, he is teaching and researching multidisciplinary areas related to digital transformation from multiple perspectives including technology, process, and sustainability perspectives. Across these areas, he researches (1) technical topics such as Building Information Modelling; Virtual and Augmented Reality; Internet of Things; (2) management topics including Engineering and Construction Project management and the development of innovative management approaches specifically non-linear methods such as agile management; (3) the impact of digitalisation of built environment on sustainability including BIM-based building performance simulation and using data for Circular Economy.

 I welcome potential opportunity for industrial/ academic collaboration in one of the topics above and/or related areas. To discuss your proposal, please contact me by email on

Responsibilities within the university

Lecturer in Construction and Property Management

Member of Integrated Nature and Technology Research Group (INTENT)


  • BIM award for the highly recommended paper from Leeds Beckett University (Sep 2016)
  • UK Green Building Council award for the best project at the London AEC Hackathon (July 2016)


  • Higher Education Academy Fellowship

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Digital transformation in Construction and Engineering projects
  • Building Information modelling
  • Application of IoT in Construction and Facilities Management
  • Digital innovation (e.g. VR, and AR) within the built environment
  • BIM-based building performance simulation
  • Agile management for non-IT projects
  • Engineering and Construction Project management
  • Complex systems

Key funded projects

  • Circular Economy for Facility Management, funded by the University of Greenwich to develop e a data-driven diction making tool that can help facility managers to implement Circular Economy principles
  • Improving housing management to enhance health outcomes, funded SBRI to develop new technological solutions can help effectively monitor environmental conditions within housing stock and provide information to tenants to improve the management of housing stock, which leads to improved health outcomes in Leeds and York.
  • Living walls, funded by KEEP + to evaluate of the impact green wall and Green pillars on improving the air quality using remote monitoring and IoT tools.

Recent publications

Book section

Sakikhales, Mohammad and , (2021), Nonlinear Project Management: Agile, Scrum and Kanban for the Construction Industry. Springer. In: , , In: Marzia Bolpagni, Rui Gavina, Diogo Ribeiro (eds.), Industry 4.0 for the Built Environment. Springer, , 20 . pp. 227-246 ISSN: 2522-560X (Print), (doi:

Sakikhales, Mohammad H. and , Stravoravdis, Spyros (2017), Using agile project management and BIM for improved building performance. Springer, Cham. In: , , , Building Information Modelling, Building Performance, Design and Smart Construction. Springer, Cham, . pp. 65-78 . ISBN: 9783319503455 (doi:

Conference item

Keskin, Dilara and , Sakikhales, Mohammad (2022), Evaluation of Attributional and Consequential Approaches for A Holistic Life Cycle Assessment. In: International Conference for Sustainable Ecological Engineering Design for Society (SEEDS), , , . , (doi: ).

Conference proceedings

Sakikhales, Mohammad and , Stravoravdis, Spyridon (2015), Using BIM to facilitate iterative design. WIT (Wessex Institute) Press. In: , , , Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Design, Construction and Operations. WIT (Wessex Institute) Press, , 149 . pp. 9-19 1743-3509 (Online) (doi: