Mrs Radi Doncheva

Radi Doncheva MSc, PGSE, MIET

Senior Lecturer

Mrs Radi Doncheva was appointed as a senior lecturer at the University of Greenwich in September 1999.  Her duties include being a course coordinator for various courses related to mobile applications, programming, distributed systems and software engineering.  She was also a Programme Leader for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

She held previous positions as senior assistant professor and assistant professor at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Sofia University, Bulgaria.  She also worked as a mathematician at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics, as a Mathematician.

Responsibilities within the university

Mrs Doncheva taught various courses including:

  • Agent-Oriented Software Engineering, level 6
  • Programming courses in: C#, Java and C++, level 4 and 5
  • Mathematics courses, level 0 and 4

Currently, she is a course coordinator for the following courses:

  • Distributed systems, level 7
  • Mobile Applications for Engineering, level 5
  • Software Engineering, level 5

She was also a Programme Leader for BSc (Hons) Computing and MSc Computer Systems and Software Engineering.


  • Member of Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET)

Research / Scholarly interests

Mrs Doncheva's research interests include intelligent agents and multi-agent systems, agent-oriented software engineering and intelligent educational environments.

Recent publications

Doncheva, R., and Woodhead, S. 2005. MAIA: a virtual multi-agent educational environment to support e-learning. Proc. 13th International Conference of WES. Seoul, Korea, 26–29 August, p. 100.

Doncheva, R. (1999) Internet Programming, Part 2 – Java Script (in Bulgarian). Sofia: Balkan Publishing Co.

Doncheva, R. (1998), Internet Programming, Part 1 – HTML (in Bulgarian). Sofia: Balkan Publishing Co.