Dr Zoubir Benterkia

Dr Zoubir Benterkia MSc, PhD

Dr Zoubir Benterkia

Dr Zoubir Benterkia
MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Structural Engineering

Department of Engineering Science

Faculty of Engineering and Science

Dr Zoubir Benterkia is a Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering. Prior joining the University of Greenwich, he was a lecturer at Coventry University. He previously worked as a structural engineer and project manager for MRM Partnership Consulting Engineers.

  • Senior Lecturer undertaking lecturers, tutorials in structural analysis and mathematics.
  • Programme leader, BSc Hons Civil Engineering
  • Admissions tutor for civil engineering programmes
  • Department of Civil Engineering's timetabling officer
  • Member of the Civil Department Industrial Advisory Board
  • Member of Recruitment & Marketing Sub Committee

Dr Benterkia's research interests include analysis and design of structural steel frames, and seismic analysis and design.

Anderson, D. and Benterkia, Z. (1991) "Analysis of semi-rigid steel frames and criteria for design", Journal of Constructional Steel Research, Volume 18, Number 3, pp. 227-237

Anderson, D. and Benterkia, Z., (1990) "Analysis of semi-rigid frames", Stability of Steel Structures: International Colloquium, Hungary, Budapest, April 25 – 27, Volume 3.

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