Daniel Silverstone

Professor Daniel Silverstone BSc, PG Cert, PhD

Head of the School of Law and Criminology

Key details

Professor Daniel Silverstone

Head of the School of Law and Criminology

Professor Daniel Silverstone is the Head of the School of Law and Criminology at the University of Greenwich. Previously, he has worked as the Director of the School of Justice Studies and the Centre for Advanced Policing Studies at Liverpool John Moores University.  Before this, he was the Head of Criminology and the John Grieve Centre at London Met University. His research interests are in the incidence of serious and organised crime and its policing. He has worked for multiple funders including the Home Office, Foreign Office and National Police Chiefs Council. He also currently works in the courts as an expert witness in the field of Human Trafficking.

Responsibilities within the university

Head of the School of Law and Criminology


  • Member of Academic advisory board for UNIC
  • External Examiner Nottingham Trent University (2018-ongoing)
  • External Examiner Anglia Ruskin University (2022-ongoing)
  • External Examiner Bishop Burton College (2019-ongoing)
  • Independent Expert Advisory Panel for the evaluation of ICTAS (2017-2018) Home Office
  • Member of Independent Advisory Group Southwark Police (2012-2016)

Research / Scholarly interests

  • Serious and Organised Crime
  • Policing and Diversity

Key funded projects

DateProjectGrant amount
2021-ongoingMcManus,M, Ball,E. Quigg,Z & Silverstone,D. Evaluation of County lines 

McManus,M , Ball,E , McCoy,E , Harrison ,R Bates,R , Silverstone,D , Alexander,J., Quigg,Z. It wouldn’t be County Lines if there wasn’t exploitation’: Deep Dive exploration of Safeguarding Partnership responses to County Lines and Serious Youth Violence. Home office, Department of Education.


Silverstone, D.European analysis of the links between drugs trafficking and trafficking in human beings. EMCDDA. Restricted.

2020James,A.,Allen,C. Silverstone,D. An Evaluation of the UK's Proceeds of Crime Centre£60,000

James, A., James A, Silverstone D, Carr R, Kelly T, Karecha J. A report for the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) on innovative programmes for the recruitment and training of investigators, currently in operation in police forces in England & Wales :1-91

2020Barry,AM, Jesperson,S. & Silverstone,D.Organised Crime and trafficking in Albania, Nigeria and Vietnam. Home Office. Restricted 

Watkinson,C., Millings,M. & Silverstone,D. An exploration of the criminal, dangerous and Anti-social Use of Motorcycles in Merseyside. LJMU

2018Silverstone,D. Safer Student Communities, HFCE£75,000
2017Silverstone,D. & Brickell. Combating modern slavery experienced by Vietnamese nationals en route to, and within, the UK. IASC 
2017Morgan,J, & Silverstone,D. Review of body worn cameras . City of London Police

Recent publications

  • Silverstone,D. (2021) Vietnamese Organised Crime, in Allum,F & Gilmore,S. (Ed) Handbook on Organised crime and politics. Edward; Elgar.
  • Morgan,J. & Silverstone,D. (2022 ) Heroin user dealers: getting high on their own supply in C.Ancram (Ed) 'Understanding Drug Dealing and Illicit Drug Markets in the 21st Century: National and International Perspectives
  • Shohel,M., Uddin,G, Parker-McLeod,J., & Silverstone,D. (2020) Police Education in the United Kingdom: Challenge and Future Directions.
  • Silverstone,D., Chung,A., & Whittle,J. (2019) China: The ‘Red/Black Nexus, Politics and Organised Crime in F.Allum & S.Gilmour (Eds) Handbook on Organised crime and politics. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Silverstone,D. & Brickell (2017) Combating modern slavery experienced by Vietnamese nationals en route to, and within, the UK. IASC.
  • Silverstone,D. (2016) Middle markets; Reflections on the work of Geoff Pearson in D.Hobbs (Ed) Mischief, Morality and Mobs Essays in Honour of Geoff Pearson. Taylor and Francis.


  • GCC Forensics conference (2019) Human trafficking
  • Joint International Policing Hub in Liverpool (2017)
  • Serious and Organised Crime Exchange (2019;2018;2017): Human trafficking and serious and organised crime
  • Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (2019): Human trafficking and organised crime
  • RUSSI (2019) Serious and organised crime
  • Westminster Higher Education Forum (2018); Serious and organised crime