Lisa-Maria Reiss

Lisa-Maria Reiss BSc, MSc

Lecturer in Criminology

Lisa-Maria Reiss is a Lecturer in the Department of Criminology at the University of Greenwich. Her degrees in Criminology and Criminal Psychology (Greenwich, 2017) and Forensic Linguistics (Salzburg, 2018) led her to pursue a PhD in the area of Ostracism and Value radicalisation. Before coming to academia, Lisa-Maria worked as private investigator and volunteered as a psychologist in a juvenile prison in Germany.

Research / Scholarly interests

As part of her PhD, Lisa-Maria Reiss explored the effect of ostracism on the radicalisation process. The conducted studies explored individual’s changes in value scores for their most important value (Schwartz Value Survey; Schwartz, 1992) before and after they had been excluded from groups. To do so, quantitative methods were adopted and an experimental design created. After the first study showed that ostracism had produced increased value scores when participants were excluded and decreased their value scores when they were included by a group. This study lead to a further exploration of the value radicalisation/de-radicalisation effect and invested the matter of group-joining in follow up studies. The studies did not only show the effects of exclusion on an individual’s values, but also indicate that inclusion and a support system are a crucial factor that may aid resilience.

Another research interest of Lisa-Maria is policing and the effect of Stop and Search tactics on young people from BAME backgrounds. To do so, she works with colleagues from the Education and Health Department, the Psychology Department, the Youth Group Second Wave, and the London Metropolitan Police. To explore these effects further, a capital research fund was secured for the second year in a row and research into police training is currently being carried out.


  • 2020 Eurocrim, September 2020, online – Effects of Ostracism on Value Radicalisation
  • Greenwich Student Conference, June 2019, Greenwich University – Effects of Ostracism on Value Radicalisation