Strategy and Management

Module summary

Module code: GEEN1016
Level: 7
Credits: 15
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Engineering
Module Coordinator(s): Georgios Kiourktsoglou


Pre and co requisites



Developing an in-depth understanding of the strategic vision and the decision-making process and the link with operational management.
Developing the knowledge and skills required for measuring competitiveness and the impact of the remote and operating environments.
Understanding the boundaries and mechanics of the value chain.
Understanding the importance of the dynamic design of the portfolio of offers and the respective roles of the corporate parent and the strategic business units in the ownership of capabilities and competences.
Comprehending the importance of corporate culture, the certainty of change and options available in the competitive arena.
Understanding the role of stakeholders and the importance of issue handling, including corporate governance.
Understanding the importance of strategic planning, management and control.
Providing a conceptual framework as an under-pinning for particular issues and examples.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1 Reflect on the importance of strategic planning in engineering management. Understand the importance of developing a ‘positive’ attitude towards the subject.
2 Demonstrate their ability to critically reflect on impact of organisational culture and its leadership on the structure, management and performance of an organisation.
3 Demonstrate their ability to reflect on the environmental factors affecting an organisation and by using analytical tools determine the organisation’s position in the competitive arena.
4 Demonstrate their ability to critically reflect and compare available options and formulate choices for the successful advancement of an organisation.

Indicative content

Lecture 1
Post Graduate Engineers & Management, Introduction to Corporate Strategy, Overview of General Strategy Design Framework.
Lecture 2
Managers & Leaders, Organisational Culture, Mission Statements.
Lecture 3
The Building Blocks of Business Strategy – Remote and Operating Env.