Individual Research Project

Module summary

Module code: ELEE1166
Level: 7
Credits: 60
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Engineering
Module Coordinator(s): Yehdego Habtay



Independent project work is an essential part of Masters level study. The work undertaken within this Module will be an individual piece of work. The subject area of the project will be consistent with the philosophy and aims of the chosen individual Programme. In all cases the student will be expected to demonstrate significant elements of independent thinking consistent with the expected research content of a Masters level project. The student should also demonstrate the ability to report and present the terms and concepts underpinning the work and results.

Students may choose from a list of project titles offered, with the titles for these projects agreed by the Programme Team, alternatively they may suggest their own projects, or submit suggestions from their employers, in either case the project title and intentions will be scrutinised by the Programme Team. Students submitting their own or their employer's suggestions must provide a description of the subject area, the objectives of the project and a list of appropriate references to the Module Co-ordinator, for approval, by an announced deadline. A member of staff will be appointed to supervise each project (in addition to any external supervision that may be provided). Each project will also have a second member of staff assigned, with relevant technical expertise, to act as a second marker.

This Module is intended to allow the student to apply the methodologies and techniques learned in the Research Methodology Module. Typically, it will allow students to demonstrate their ability in interpretation of the project's aims and goals; the undertaking of a literature survey; the completion of a piece of independent project work; and the detailed reporting of such work, both in writing and orally at a significant academic level.

If work is to be undertaken at a site other than the University, written authorisation for use of equipment and supervisory staff must be provided to the Module Leader.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1 Undertake a comprehensive literature survey of published research activity relevant to their specific project with a subsequent themed analysis.
2 Undertake a substantial and significant Programme of experimental activity leading to some original product, system or process related to the concepts identified in the literature survey.
3 Disseminate the findings of the project activity through all relevant media such as oral presentations and written reports.

Indicative content

It is expected that for full-time students, the initial elements will be completed alongside taught Modules before the summer full-time project practical activity. Timescale for part-time students will be negotiable on an individual basis.

The elements of the project Module may be summarised as follows:

• literature and technology survey of relevant areas and subsequent research themed analysis;
• formulation of further research which could usefully be undertaken by the student within the agreed technical area;
• development of a detailed plan to undertake such research, including time plan, budget and deliverables;
• the completion of a significant section of research work of a theoretical and practical nature;
• development of conclusions of such work in the context of the state of technology in the relevant technical field;
• formal presentation of the conclusion of the work to a technical audience;
• Presentation of the dissertation in the form of a final report, typically 50 pages long.