Research, Planning and Communication

Module summary

Module code: ELEE1169
Level: 7
Credits: 15
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Engineering
Module Coordinator(s): Wim Melis



This module aims to help students develop the ability to perform research by learning to be critical about other researchers’ as well as one’s own work. From there, one will be able to identify a research “gap” and determine the next steps to be taken, which then leads towards a more specific research plan. More than ever, it is essential to then be able to effectively communicate these research outcomes to the research community and the larger community to ensure the appropriate impact.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1 Demonstrate the ability to reflect on the significance and inter‐relationships of knowledge acquired from a variety of sources.
2 Demonstrate the ability to formulate original ideas and innovative proposals, through assessing, selecting and constructing the most optimal research plan/strategy in group as well as individually and/or group work.
3 Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate a research plan and outcomes using the most suitable methods.

Indicative content

Research Background - Research has been going on for a very long time, but what are the methods used, which ones work and why, how should one approach research and inform oneself about previous/other research. What research strategies can be used to quickly find the relevant information of high quality, how does one evolve from the very first entry in a field into particular directions and how can one easily stay informed with recent developments.

Planning/Performing Research - Once sufficient background study has been performed, one needs to identify a “research-gap”, which will lead to a specific research project. This can then be developed into a grant proposal or into the actual work. In either case, when doing research, it is important to plan ahead, even if the goal can be considered as “unknown”. How can one plan and ensure to maximise success and outcome.

Communicating Research - Research is in many contexts only valued through appropriate communication and now often requires a justification on the expected impact. Therefore, its communication should no longer be restricted to the publication in conference proceedings or journals, but expand much more widely. How can one identify the most suitable means of communicating and how does one communicate using the chosen medium. So, how does one write a good paper, make a good presentation, deal with e.g. a radio interviews, keep up a good online presence and so on.