Academic English for Postgraduates (Business)

Module summary

Module code: ENGL1109
Level: 4
School: Business Faculty
Department: International Bus and Economics
Module Coordinator(s): Cecile Laval / Robert Tsukada Bright


Pre and co requisites

For non-native speakers of English joining a post-graduate programme and who have been identified via diagnostic testing as benefitting from additional instruction in English for Academic Purposes.


For students to consolidate grammatical accuracy and knowledge of vocational and academic lexis in written and spoken English; to further develop critical awareness of features of written and spoken texts such as discourse, register and appropriateness of style; to broaden their range of writing skills to a higher level of fluency and refine usage and command of style and register; gain a better understanding of the need to use clear and consistent systems of referencing and an ability to put such systems into practice.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:

1 Apply their knowledge and control of English grammar and lexis in a range of contexts at a higher level of linguistic competence

2 Better recognise the implications of features of written and spoken English including discourse, register and appropriateness of style and be able to apply these features to their own work.
3 Communicate more effectively in a variety of situations on a range of topics
4 Convey sophisticated ideas and arguments more effectively in written English
5 Make effective use of clear and consistent systems of referencing in written work

Indicative content

News items and articles from current press, academic publications and internet resources. Listening and Speaking, Structure, Writing, Reading and Text Analysis, Summary skills.

Teaching and learning activity

Report and essay writing, reading comprehension activities, portfolio tasks on a range of academic
language skills. Grammar exercises.


Portfolio Tasks - pass/fail graded.
Outline Details - Reading and writing tasks which test English language proficiency. 1500 words.