Research Methods

Module summary

Module code: RESE1073
Level: 7
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Marketing, Events and Tourism
Module Coordinator(s): Sven Kuenzel



This Module aims to serve two functions; firstly to support students to develop their skills in a range of research methods that will enhance their ability to gather and analyse information as part of their academic study or in their careers as managers. Secondly, the assessment for this Module requires students to produce a research proposal that, for Master’s students, will become the basis of their final dissertation. This Module aims to cover key areas of qualitative and quantitative approaches to research. The Module aims to provide students the opportunity to discuss research issues with research-active staff from the department.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this Module a student will be able to:
1. design their own research project;
2. Critically evaluate the usefulness of different qualitative and quantitative approaches to research;
3. synthesise a range of secondary research sources to produce a literature review;

Indicative content

Research Philosophy and Approaches. The Use of Theory. Primary Data Collection Tools: interviews, surveys, case studies, focus groups, content analysis. Sampling. Levels of Analysis. Analysing and Presenting Qualitative and Quantitative Data. Reliability and Validity of Research. Using Software to Prepare, Analyse and Present Data. Research Using Secondary Data. Ethical Issues in Research. Managing and Writing up the Research for Different Stakeholders.

Teaching and learning activity

Lectures, where the main theories and research techniques will be presented. Tutorials and practical sessions, where the theories and methods will be applied to individual research propositions. Individual research activities, in preparation for assessment. Self-managed learning, in preparation for tutorial activities and lectures. Self-reflection, on the main issues covered during the Module and their implications.


Method of Summative Assessment: Module Work.
Learning Outcomes: 1,2&3.
Grading Mode: Numeric.
Weighting: 100%.
Pass Mark: 50.
Word Length: 3000 words.
Outline Details: Summative Assessment is based on a Research Proposal. The student is required to formulate a research question and/or hypothesis on a topic of her/his choice. The research proposal should: • Identify relevant literature, drawing out key themes. • Clarify reasons for choosing the topic area. • Formulate clearly a research question or hypothesis. • Explain and justify the research design and methods. • Be fully referenced to appropriate literature.