Placement A

Module summary

Module code: TEAC1159
Level: 6
Credits: 20
School: Education, Health and Human Sci
Department: Education
Module Coordinator(s): Lorraine Smith


Pre and co requisites



To enable trainees to:
• Provide student teachers with an understanding of how to integrate the theory and practice of education
• Develop student teachers who are professionally committed to the education of all children
• Encourage student teachers to start to develop their own professional identity.
• Develop an understanding of how to bring about effective learning in the specialist subject in a secondary school.
• Develop student teachers towards achieving the Teachers’ Standards

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this course a student will be able to:
• Demonstrate how to plan, teach, assess and reflect effectively on coherent sequences of learning activities and be able to justify your choices.
• Demonstrate an understanding of how to integrate the theory and practice of education.
• Demonstrate a critical understanding of the roles of teachers and other professionals within the placement, and be able to explain and implement the school’s policies which underpin professional responsibility.
• Apply their subject knowledge and pedagogy in their curriculum area in order to bring about effective learning.
• Deliver appropriate lessons under supervision and show professional conduct and classroom/ behaviour management in order to demonstrate that the set of prescribed Teachers’ Standards can be met consistently over time.

Indicative content

The triangle of student teacher, mentor and tutor will facilitate the following learning and teaching activities:
• Observation of lessons.
• Collaborative research, planning, teaching and evaluation with mentor, tutors and peers.
• Solo teaching.
• Being observed by mentors and tutors
• Feedback
• Discussion
• Tutorial
• Target setting and action planning
• School based ‘training’ sessions


Summative Assessment: Report - Pass / Fail Graded, 100% weighting.
1, Evaluation of students’ supporting evidence against each of the Teachers’ Standards (2012)
2, Placement report written by the mentor at the end of this placement benchmarked against the Teachers’ Standards (2012). A pass/fail judgement is made by mentors, and moderated by tutors.

Outline Details: A report written by the mentor at the end of this phase of the placement against the Teachers’ Standards. This is based upon evidence for these standards as a pass/fail judgement made by mentors and moderated by tutors.

Students are required to pass all components in order to pass the course.

Formative Assessment: Trainees are observed formally on a weekly basis and provided with feedback.
Weekly tutorials are conducted with the mentor to support the trainee in developing targets to support their progress.