Centre for Sustainable Cyber Security (CS2)

PhD students

Learn more about CS2 research students and their specialisms.

Damola Lawal

Research: An investigation into the credibility of digital forensics expert witnesses

Supervised by: Dr. David Gresty, Dr. Diane Gan

Blessing Odeleye

Research: Addressing cyber security threats in virtual reality environments

Supervised by: Prof. George Loukas, Dr. Georgia Sakellari, Dr. Ryan Heartfield

William Oliff

Research: Secure and trustworthy indoor positioning and occupancy detection

Supervised by: Dr. Georgia Sakellari, Prof. George Loukas, Dr. Avgoustinos Filippoupolitis

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Dennis Ivory

Research: Human-as-a-security sensor in Internet of Things environments

Supervised by: Prof. George Loukas

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Emily Parsons

Research: Robust Cyber Risk Management for Domestic Environments

Supervised by: Prof. Manos Panaousis, Prof. George Loukas, Dr. Georgia Sakellari

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Stefan Bogdanis

Research: Explainability​ in AI-provisioned intrusion detection systems

Supervised by: Dr. Georgia Sakellari, Dr. Ryan Heartfield, Dr. Diane Gan

Mohammed Kazi

Research: Detecting banking malware network communication traffic using machine learning

​Supervised by: Dr. Diane Gan, Dr. Steve Woodhead


Barnabe Malandain

Research: Behaviour Attribution of Advanced Persistent Threats for Early Detection, Access Mitigation and Control in cyber-physical systems

​Supervised by: Dr. Anatolij Bezemskij, Dr. Diane Gan

Lal Akhter

Research: Model-based Software Security Assurance

​Supervised by: Dr. Taimoor Khan, Prof. George Loukas

Georgios Zachos

Research: Intrusion Detection for Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Network

​Supervised by: Dr. Georgios Mantas

Maria Papaioannou

Research: Secure and Usable User Authentication for Land and Sea Border Passenger Identification Mobile Devices

​Supervised by: Dr. Georgios Mantas, Prof. Manos Panaousis

Filippos Pelekoudas Oikonomou

Research: An investigation to Enhance Security in IoT-based Health Monitoring Systems Using Blockchain Technology

​Supervised by: Dr. Georgios Mantas, Dr. Georgia Sakellari

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Claire Stretch

Research: AI-driven Cyber Security Management for Small Businesses

Supervised by: Prof. Manos Panaousis, Prof. George Loukas

Antreas Pogiatzis

Research: Privacy Preserving Technologies for Big Data

​Supervised by: Prof. Georgios Samakovitis

Ruth Onafuye

Research: To what extent does domestic legislation and international standards in relation to the right to privacy and the rights related to personal security provide adequate guidance on the provision of CCTV cameras in care homes?

​Supervised by: Prof. Ozgur Cinar

Ryan Jenkins

Research: Superior recognisers of faces and voices

​Supervised by: Prof. Josh P. Davis

Anthony Yekovie

Research: Autonomous Safety and Security Validation System for Internet of Things Applications

​Supervised by: Dr. Sadiq Sani, Prof. George Loukas

Muqaddas Naz

Research: Metamorphic Testing for Privacy Protection in Internet-based Messaging Applications

​Supervised by: Dr. Taimoor Khan

Taofik Olajobi

Research: Explainable Protection of Conversational AI applications against Security and Privacy Threats

​Supervised by: Dr. Taimoor Khan

Leonard Ikem

Research: Optimising Cyber Risk Management in the era of AI

​Supervised by: Prof. Manos Panaousis, Prof. George Loukas, Dr. Sakshyam Panda