Permission to take examinations abroad is granted strictly at the discretion of the university and each application will be considered on an individual basis.

The University of Greenwich examinations are organised and take place at your normal place of study. In order to protect the integrity of examinations the university cannot normally allow examinations to take place in other centres except under closely defined circumstances. Permission to take examinations abroad is granted strictly at the discretion of the university and each application will be considered on an individual basis. Some examinations can never be taken away from the university, for example practical tests, group work and oral tests.

Important notes

  • The university will not consider applications that are illegible, incomplete or without the full administration fee.
  • This application does not represent registration for examinations and does not indicate agreement to the request.
  • All communications regarding your application will be sent to your university e-mail account.

Terms and conditions 

Terms and conditions for overseas examination

  1. Students are expected to attend the University/College for all examinations and not to make arrangements that will make it impossible to do so
  2. Students will only be eligible to apply to take examinations away from the university if circumstances totally outside their control prevent them being in the UK
  3. Students who have previously been found to have committed an examination offence are not eligible to apply to take an exam overseas or at another institution
  4. Applicants who have special arrangement concessions for exams should be aware that these arrangements may not be possible for exams taken overseas or at other institutions.
  5. Applications will only be approved if they meet one or more of the following criteria:

    5.1.  you have been placed by the university outside the UK for the whole academic session, and your placement means that you cannot return to the UK for the assessment/re-sit period.
    5.2.  you have returned to your home institution after an exchange year at the University of Greenwich
    5.3.  you are retaking a course which the university has agreed you are not required to attend classes for e.g. you are repeating examinations only, for the purposes of graduation
    5.4. the terms of employment of your sponsor prevent you from leaving your country of residence at that time. This normally only applies to people in the armed forces or similar positions, if you are in normal employment you are expected to arrange your leave or work to permit attendance at examinations. Temporary vacation employment is not adequate reason for requesting permission to take examinations away from the university
    5.5.  you are suffering from a serious illness which makes it impossible to travel
    5.6. you have significant difficulties or responsibilities within a domestic situation which prevent you from leaving your country of residence at that time, for example childbirth, bereavement or serious illness of a close family member
  1. A request to take an examination(s) overseas must be submitted to your Faculty Examinations Officer no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of the assessment period. Any exam taken overseas must, as far as reasonably possible, take place at the same time and day as the host exam.
  2. Full supporting documentation from employers, doctors or others cited in your submission must be supplied with your application.
  3. Checks will be made into the authenticity of all requests. Applications that are not verifiable by documentation will not be considered.
  4. You will receive notification of the approval decision and of any further  arrangements made via your university e-mail account
  5. It is university policy that overseas examinations be sat at a British Council office where they have adequate security, invigilation facilities and experienced examination officers. If your application is approved, you will be responsible, in liaison with the Faculty Examinations Officer, for making the necessary arrangements with the local British Council. Only in exceptional circumstances will arrangements be made with other authorised centres.
  6. An administration fee of £50 per paper (except under criteria 5.1 and 5.2 above) will be charged and must be paid in advance of any overseas arrangements being made. In addition, you will be personally responsible for paying all invigilation/administration fees imposed by the overseas service provider.
  7. Failure to take up any approved arrangements will not entitle you to a refund of any fee levied if the arrangements have been made.