This programme makes financial assistance available to facilitate the mobility of students between some 1,200 Santander member universities across 20 countries around the world.

The programme has the objective of deriving benefit to students' studies at their home university, as well enhancing their own personal development. 

International Mobility and Networking Awards for Postgraduate Research Students - Santander Universities Programme.

The University of Greenwich is a partner of the Santander Universities programme, a scheme initiated and supported by Banco Santander SA.

The purpose of the financial awards made available under the auspices of this programme is as an enabling mechanism to facilitate international travel and collaboration, with a view to complementing, assisting and advancing approved research programmes that are the central element of postgraduate research students studying for recognised research awards from the University of Greenwich.  Additionally, awards may be made to incoming overseas based research students from within the Santander Universities programme, where an academic member of staff consider there would be demonstrable benefit to their own research through facilitating such international mobility.

Financial awards are available under this programme to postgraduate research students of the university for the academic year 2016-17, subject to the submission of a well-articulated and appropriately costed application, and subsequent approval by a university panel convened to consider such applications.  


Please refer to the documents below for further information.

Santander programme information

Santander application form

Santander data protection statement