Guidance for continuing students on the online registration process which covers each of the online registration stages.

The online registration process is divided into 6 stages. You may read through them all now, or refer to them once you have begun the process.

Stage one: student declaration

You are required to agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the university. You will be asked to read the full documentation. Once you have read the documents, simply press the 'I Agree' button to continue. You may not proceed with the rest of the process until you have done so.

Stage two: personal registration

You are required to check and amend as necessary the personal details we currently have on your record, ie your name, nationality, contact details, etc. Please see standard stage two section personal registration section and then refer back to this page for stages for continuing students.

Stage three: programme confirmation

You are asked to check and agree the programme, mode and year of study you are about to register to. It is important that this detail is accurate as it will determine the level of fee you are charged later in this process. Please do not agree this detail if you do not think it is correct. If you believe this is not the correct programme then please use the 'Notify a Change to my programme' query to tell us. Any changes of programme, mode or year will need to be agreed with your Faculty (or the International Office if you are an international student) and may take over five working days to process. During this time you will not be able to proceed with the registration process and you should check the Query Tracker for a response to your query at regular intervals. Please try to be patient while waiting for a response and if you have already submitted a query, don't be tempted to follow it up with an email or phone call as this may slow the process down. Once you have received a response you may continue with the registration process.

Stage four: module selection

You will see displayed the courses attached to your record for your programme of study. If you have a query regarding the courses listed, please use the Query Courses facility and check the Query Tracker for a response. When you are satisfied the courses listed are those you should be studying press the continue button to move on to the next stage.

Stage five: fees payment

How you complete the fees payment section of online registration depends on who is paying your fees. Please see standard stage six fees payment section and then refer back to this page for stages for continuing students.

Please note: you may temporarily be stopped at the start of the fees payment stage to enable us to check your fees. Check your Query Tracker to see when the query is completed and that you can proceed to the fees payment stage and complete your registration.

Stage six: personal details confirmation

This section confirms you have completed the registration process and provides a summary of the information you have agreed. Please print or save this summary information as you will not be able to access it once Online Registration is closed. 

What if you have a query?

Within the online registration process, you will be able to query important information should you think it incorrect. For example your courses, your fees, etc. These queries are picked up by our staff who will then answer your queries on the system. In some instances, these queries will stop you from continuing registering. This is to ensure you only proceed with correct information. You may also be stopped automatically within the process, usually so that we can check your fees before you reach the fee payment stage. All queries appear at the start of the online registration process in your 'Query Tracker'.

The Query Tracker is our query management system, where all registration queries show. There, you can follow the progress of each query, checking its status, which will show either:

P = Processing (not yet resolved)
CComplete (query resolved: continue with online registration)
A = Awaiting information (query not resolved, awaiting authorisation from Faculty or other office for change of student record)

We will add a comment next to the status of the query if further action is required from you, or if we have provided explanations for your situation. Please make sure you read these carefully. Most queries will be actioned a couple of days after you have logged your query but some may take longer, especially if they need to be approved by another department, so please do not send us the same query more than once.

A query showing in red indicates that you cannot continue the online registration process. This is to ensure that your record is correct before you reach certain stages of the process. You will need to check for an answer/completion regularly. Other processing queries that are not in red will not stop you in the process and you will be able to proceed.