Guidance and support for network and partner college students registering at the university.

Continuing students

Like any University of Greenwich student, you complete your registration online. Detailed information about the process is available on our registration for continuing students pages.

If you are a continuing student resuming your studies after an interruption of study, please contact your college to ensure we have been notified and that you are able to register with the university.

New students

Like any University of Greenwich student, you complete Online Registration, but Face to Face Registration will be completed by teams at your college.  The relevant information is then sent to the university and there is no need for you to come to one of the university campuses.

Further information on what happens and what to do can be found on the pages below

New partner college students

New network college students

Greenwich Gateway Cards

If you are studying at one of our partner or network colleges we will send your Greenwich Gateway card to college for you to collect.  For the university to be able to do this you must have:

  • Completed all the steps of Online Registration
  • Provided us with a suitable photo during Online Registration or sent one to us (see Stage seven: image upload of our Online Registration guide)
  • Completed any Face to Face Registration checks with your college
  • The college must have sent the relevant information from the Face to Face Registration Checks to the university

If any of the above steps have not been completed we will not be able to have a Greenwich Gateway card made for you or sent out.  If you have any questions then please email