Important information for undergraduate students who are waiting to hear from their student support provider.

We understand that students who are applying for help with their undergraduate tuition fees from their student support provider may not have received confirmation of their eligibility by the time they need to register with the university.

So that students may still complete the online part of registration, where we have not received a decision from the relevant student support provider as to whether a student needs to pay their own fees or whether their student support entitlement package will provide a fee provision for the academic year or part thereof, students can select the Student Finance England (SFE), Wales or NI, Student Awards Agency Scotland or Student Finance services European Team (EU Team) option in online registration. When you select this option where we hold no tuition fee data for you, by continuing online registration you are confirming that you understand that the university will give you six weeks from the date you started online registration for one of the following to happen:

Your student support provider notifies the university that your fees are being paid through your student support entitlement package. 

In this case, unless you are reassessed as needing to make a contribution to fees at a later date, you are unlikely* to need to take any further action with regard to your tuition fees for the academic year in question.

Please note If you add additional credits to your record above the standard that will be paid for by your student support provider then you will have to pay an additional fee and you should log into the portal to make arrangements for payment. Details of acceptable arrangements for payment.


Your student support provider notifies the university that  you are not entitled to have your fees paid as part of your student support entitlement package.

  • In this case you need to log into the portal to make arrangements for the payment of your tuition fees. Details of acceptable arrangements for payment.
  • Failure to do so will mean that you will become subject to the university's policy and procedures for non-payment of tuition fees.
  • Help and support is also available from Student Finance at the university regarding your application for student support if you have queries or wish to appeal the support providers decision.

It is nearly six weeks from the time you started online registration and a decision has not been made by your student support provider regarding your tuition fees:

  • In this case you will need to contact student finance at the university and provide satisfactory documentary evidence that you have applied for student support and provided any subsequent documentation that you have been asked for.
  • Help and support is also available from Student Finance at the university regarding making your application for student support if you have subsequent problems or queries.

What happens if my fees have not been paid and the six week period has expired?

Where students are not granted an extension or make payment of their fees and the six weeks expires, Students will become subject to the university's policy and procedures for non-payment of tuition fees. We will still consider extensions after the six week deadline on production of satisfactory documentation as above, but students are advised to contact us before this time to avoid unnecessary sanctions being applied to their accounts for failure to pay fees.

How can I check my tuition fee account and make payments online?

Students can check their tuition fee accounts and make online payments via the portal.

How to make payments online

  • Log in to the portal
  • Navigate to the my support tab
  • Click the link on the left pay fees online
  • Select the option: check accounts, make online payments.

How do I apply for student support to pay my tuition fees?

Student Finance England has lots of information and guides on how to apply for student finance and new students can now make their application online, for more information please visit the Student Finance England site.

Please apply for support as soon as you can as this is also how you access grants and loans for maintenance where eligible.

It is really important that you apply on time as there are deadlines by which you need to have made application for both full-time and part-time support and failure to do so may delay your student support or mean that you are ineligible for any help that academic year.

What if I need further information?

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your tuition fees or if you are experiencing difficulties making applications for support we understand that managing money is not always easy and we will do our best to try and help.