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Online registration guidance

The Online Registration process for new students is the first of two steps you will need to complete to be a fully registered student of the University of Greenwich.

Part 1: Online Registration

To complete Part 1: Registration Checks you will need to have accepted your offer of place, met any conditions attached to your offer, returned any necessary forms sent to you (such as a fee assessment form) from the university and have received your ID and password for our university portal.

Part 1: Online Registration requires you to log in to the university portal and go through an online process to verify information about yourself and your new programme of study. It will also be during the online registration process you will also be asked how your tuition fees will be paid or be able to make payment.

Once you have completed all steps of Part 1: Online Registration, you will be given instructions about Part 2: Registration Checks.

On these pages you will find extra information each of the Part 1: Online Registration stages. You may read through them all now, or refer to them once you have begun the process.

The online registration process is divided into 8 stages for new students (stages 3 and 7 are not completed by continuing students):

  • Opening dates and times

    Starting a programme in January 2019 - 

    Online Registration is currently open and is due to close at 09:00 on 7th February 2019

    *Tier 4 international students must register by the last date of acceptance given on their CAS statement and ensure they comply with UKVI regulations.

  • Getting started

    1. Login to the Student Portal
    2. Click the "Online Registration" button on the Home page of the portal to begin the process
    3. Read the guidance notes to help you through the process
    4. Check what to do if you need further help
  • Stage one: student declaration

    In this section you are required to agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the university. You will be asked to read the full documentation.

    Once you have read the documents, simply press the 'I Agree' button to continue. You may not proceed with the rest of the process until you have done so.

  • Stage two: personal registration

    In this section you are required to check and amend as necessary the personal details we currently have on your record, ie your name, nationality, contact details, etc.

    If you are a new student and your names, date of birth, gender or nationality are incorrect, do not worry at this stage. Please continue with the online registration process and get those details amended when you complete part 2 of registration, which is the verification of your ID and qualifications.

    If you are a continuing student or have changed your name (for example by getting divorced or married) you will need to provide us with documentary evidence, by contacting your Student Centre or your college.

    If you are non EU resident, please enter the details of your visa in the relevant boxes on the visa page.


    The university requires your address information and it is important you understand the difference between them and the way in which the university uses them:

    Your Permanent Address is the one you consider to be your main address, for example where you live with your parents or where you return to at the end of each term. If you are an international student your Permanent Address should be in your country of permanent residence and you will need to enter a Term Time Address or Mailing Address while in the UK.

    Your Term Time Address is where you live during term time and you only need to enter an address here if it is different from your Permanent Address. If it isn't, then you do not need to enter an address here. Students living in university Halls of Residence will not need to enter a term time address here as we do that automatically for you at the point you move in.

    Your Mailing Address is an address the university uses for all correspondence with you. You do not need to enter a Mailing Address if it is not different from your Permanent Address and if you do, this is the one the university will use in preference to all others when sending you anything by post.

    UK addresses are derived from the postcode you enter. If the address is very new, it may not be recognised by the system, in which case use the 'send a comment' query available on the page to give us your full new address. This query will show on the Query Tracker and should only take 24 hours or so to be completed. This query, completed or not will not stop you in the online registration process.

    Important note for continuing students:

    At the end of the registration process the university will send you your Greenwich Gateway Card by post if you have an address in the UK. We will use addresses in the following order of priority to send your card:

    Priority 1: Mailing Address
    Priority 2: Term Time Address
    Priority 3: Permanent Address

    If you do not have a UK address when you register, your card will be kept for collection at your  campus Student Centre. Please check their opening hours before visiting.

    For students studying at a college, your card may be sent to your college rather than yourself.

    For more information about cards, check our Greenwich Gateway Card page.

    Emergency contacts

    This contact will only ever be used in case of emergency. Please make sure you alert your chosen contact before adding their details. You need to add at least one contact before you can continue with the registration process.

  • Stage three: education history

    In this section you will find details of your education history.

    It is crucial that details about previously awarded qualifications are correct on your record. Please check the information carefully, paying particular attention to the qualification type and grade columns of the Education History table. Please use the system queries as set out below to let us know of any incorrect data or simply to add data.

    It is also important that you are able to prove you have those qualifications, so do not list any qualification that you have no proof of award for.

    If HESA/SCOTVEC numbers are not known

    This section starts by asking you to fill in a few details about yourself. If you do not know what your HESA or SCOTVEC number is, just leave the box blank. If you are registering on a teacher training programme but do not know your teacher reference number, also leave the box blank. This will not stop your online registration.

    Education History table

    Qualification Type

    It is very important that the qualification type and level (eg NVQ, GCE Advanced, Degree) that we have entered here is correct as this may have major implications under government regulations regarding equivalent or lower level qualifications (ELQ's).

    This will affect students who, for example, have already got a BA or BSc who may wish to study for another BA or BSc in a different subject. It will not affect students who have an undergraduate degree who wish to study for a Masters or students who have a foundation degree studying for a first degree.

    More information on ELQs


    Please note: when we enter the subject details of your qualifications on to your record we use a coding system that often 'rounds up' the subject to something close to the one you were studying.

    For example:

    • Physical Education becomes Sports Science
    • or Care becomes Nursing
    • or Childhood Studies becomes Others in Education

    this will happen where we don't have a specific category for your subject.

    Please do not use the query box to check the subject if it is close to the subject you were studying; you will have an opportunity to do this at Part 2: Registration Checks. However, if the subject is completely different e.g. you studied English and your subject is showing as Chemistry, then please do use the box to request a change.

    Grade, Date Awarded, Exam Period

    Please make sure these are accurate particularly the grade you received for each qualification as this will be checked at Part 2: Registration Checks.

    If your qualifications are not recorded on the Education History form or there are some missing, then please use the blank form below the Education History Table to add them in. Again, please be careful to ensure the correct qualification type and grade are entered as we will be checking these later in the process against your original certificates.

    If you believe we have entered your qualification details incorrectly (bearing in mind what has been said earlier about the subject) please use the third box on the page to let us know. We will try and correct mistakes before you complete registration but do not worry if we don't, we'll catch up with this and correct it later.

  • Stage four: programme confirmation

    In this section you are asked to check and agree the programme, mode and year of study you are about to register to.  It is important that this detail is accurate as it will determine the level of fee you are charged later in this process. Please do not agree this detail if you do not think it is correct. If you believe this is not the programme you were offered (and please check your offer letter against what is displayed here) then please use the 'Notify a Change to my programme' query to tell us.  Any changes of programme, mode or year will need to be agreed with your Faculty (or the International Office if you are an international student) and may take over five working days to process.  During this time you will not be able to proceed with the registration process and you should check the Query Tracker for a response to your query at regular intervals.  Please try to be patient while waiting for a response and if you have already submitted a query, don't be tempted to follow it up with an email or phone call as this may slow the process down. Once you have received a response you may continue with the registration process.

    Students registering on a PGCE programme will be asked to provide further information at this stage.

  • Stage five: course selection

    In this section you will see displayed the courses attached to your record for your programme of study. If you have a query regarding the courses listed, please use the Query Courses facility and check the Query Tracker for a response. When you are satisfied the courses listed are those you should be studying, press the continue button to move on to the next stage.

    Important note:

    If your programme structure is not definite, you may see “dummy courses” on your record, which reflect the number of credits you are studying. You will have to contact your Faculty/Department in order to replace them with labelled courses, either during or shortly after the registration process.

    Direct Entry students to any level above level 1 may make option choices here but they are subject to agreement by your Faculty.

  • Stage six: fees payment

    How you complete the fee payment section of online registration depends on who is paying your fees (Choose from the options below).

    If you need clarification of your fees at this stage you can enter a 'Fee Payment Query' or 'query fee' and a member of Finance staff will respond to you through the Query Tracker. More information about paying your fees

  • Stage seven: image upload

    Welcome to the image upload stage of online registration. The university requires an image of you for identification purposes and guidance on what sort of picture and how to upload it can be found here. If you do not manage to upload an image at this stage it will not hold up the process for you, so don't worry.

    If you are studying at one of the main university campuses (Avery Hill, Greenwich or Medway) and cannot upload an image, please tell us when you come to complete Part 2: Registration Checks at your Student Centre.

    If you are a Distance Learner or you study at a college, please e-mail us an electronic picture at Your e-mail should contain:

    • your full name
    • your student ID number
    • your picture saved as your ID number (000xxxxxx) in the correct format

    Please also ensure your address is correct on record so that the card is sent to the appropriate address.

    Visit our Greenwich Gateway Card page for more information.

    How to upload an image

    All photographs must be:

    • Recent and of a good likeness
    • A close up of your head and shoulders so that your face covers approximately 65 to 75% of the photograph
    • Taken against a plain off-white, cream or light grey background so that your features are clearly distinguishable against the background
    • Of you on your own (no other people or objects visible)
    • Be in sharp focus and clear i.e. not blurred

    The photograph must show:

    • No shadows
    • Your full face, looking straight at the camera
    • A relaxed expression, you may smile if you wish
    • Your eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses or heavily tinted glasses, and no hair across your eyes)
    • No reflection on your spectacles: if you wear them the frames should not cover your eyes
    • Your full head, without any head covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons
    • Your face uncovered

    Still having difficulty?

    If you are experiencing difficulties uploading your image, do not worry, you may still complete Part 1: Online Registration, and have your image taken by a member of staff during Part 2: Registration Checks. The purpose of uploading your image now is simply to speed up the face-to-face stage for you.

  • Stage eight: personal details confirmation

    This section confirms you have completed Part 1: Online Registration. It also provides a summary of the information you have agreed, and tells you what you need to do to complete Part 2: Registration Checks based on your individual circumstances and your programme requirements. Read your summary carefully so you know what you need to do as this may not be the same as your friends/other students on the same programme of study.

    What next: completing your registration

    Where you complete Part 2: Registration Checks depends on where you are taught. Students based on one of the main campuses complete their registration at their campus Student Centre; students at network and partner colleges at their college, and distance learners via post. Choose the path that best describes you.

What if you have a query?

Within the online registration process, you will be able to query important information should you think it incorrect. For example your courses, your fees, etc. These queries are picked up by our staff who will then answer your queries on the system. In some instances, these queries will stop you from continuing registering. This is to ensure you only proceed with correct information. You may also be stopped automatically within the process, usually so that we can check your fees before you reach the fee payment stage. All queries appear at the start of the online registration process in your 'Query Tracker'.

The Query Tracker is our query management system, where all registration queries show. There, you can follow the progress of each query, checking its status, which will show either:

P = Processing (not yet resolved)
CComplete (query resolved: continue with online registration)
A = Awaiting information (query not resolved, awaiting authorisation from Faculty or other office for change of student record)

We will add a comment next to the status of the query if further action is required from you, or if we have provided explanations for your situation. Please make sure you read these carefully. Most queries will be actioned a couple of days after you have logged your query but some may take longer, especially if they need to be approved by another department, so please do not send us the same query more than once.

A query showing in red indicates that you cannot continue the online registration process. This is to ensure that your record is correct before you reach certain stages of the process. You will need to check for an answer/completion regularly. Other processing queries that are not in red will not stop you in the process and you will be able to proceed.