Guidance and support for distance learners registering with the university.

In order to access the appropriate services and university's resources and to ensure your student record is up to date, we need you to register on your new course.  

Registration occurs in two parts:

  • Online Registration which requires you to check all the data we hold against your record and arrange for the payment of your fees.  This is completed using the online registration service on the student portal 
  • Registration Checks where we check your identity and qualifications.  Unless you have a scheduled slot arranged to attend an induction day and are asked to provide ID and qualifications documents, copies of these documents will need to be sent to us by email or post 

Online Registration

To complete Online Registration you will need to have completed all steps of the application and admissions process and have received your University of Greenwich username and password.

With these details you will need to:

  1. Login to the Student Portal
  2. Click the Online Registration link
  3. Follow the steps of Online Registration.  Read the guidance notes to help you through the process
  4. If there is a query check what to do if you need further help
  5. Complete Online Registration

Registration Checks

When you have completed the Online registration we need you to provide:

A. Proof of identity

Acceptable forms of identity must include your full name, date of birth and place of birth.  The types of identity documents accepted are:

Student Type Acceptable forms of Identity
Born in the UK Current valid passport
OR UK driving licence
OR birth certificate
Born outside the UK Current valid passport
OR EU identity card
OR "Travel Document"
OR If your passport is being held by the immigration authorities, the original official receipt and a letter confirming your name, place and date of birth

If you have changed your name and this is different from the name you originally applied with or is different from the name on the qualifications used to get onto the course you will also need to provide evidence of this (e.g. marriage certificate or deed poll).  

B. Evidence of your qualifications

You must also provide evidence of the qualifications needed to get onto the course which may include GCSEs or equivalent.  In most cases we are expecting to see copies of certificates, transcripts or official result letters.

The evidence must show your name (if issued in a previous name evidence of that name will need to be provided), the level of the award (e.g. GCSE, a-level, bachelors degree etc.), the name of the award (e.g. maths, engineering, pharmacy), the grade awarded and the date of the award.

Where to send the information

Copies of these documents can be sent to us by post or by email.  

If you are sending them to us by email please send the information to, quoting your full name, student ID number (i.e. 00XXXXXXX) and the course you are studying.

If you are sending them by post you will be provided the relevant address at the end of online registration, as this will be depend on where the faculty your course is associated with is based.

After your registration checks are completed we will delete or destroy the details sent to us, recording the required information on our student records system.  

Greenwich Gateway Cards

If you are studying one of our courses but on a distance learning mode, we will send your Greenwich Gateway card to you if we have a current UK address for you.  For the university to be able to do this you must have:

  • Completed all the steps of Online Registration
  • Provided us with a suitable photo during Online Registration or sent one to us (see Stage seven: image upload of our Online Registration guide)
  • Provided the appropriate identify and qualification evidence
  • Have an active UK address stored on file

If any of the above steps have not been completed we will not be able to have a Greenwich Gateway card made for you or sent out.  If you have any questions then please email