Instructions on logging a query about Online Registration using Query Tracker

Online Registration

If you have a query about Online Registration please use your Query Tracker within the relevant section of the process.  

We will come back to you within 3 working days (unless your query needs us to work with or liaise with another team, in which case it may take longer to reply) on the Query Tracker with information on what to do next, or to tell you that the query has been resolved and you can continue with online registration.

In some instances, when confirming your course, the modules or the tuition fee information a queries will stop you from continuing registering. This is to ensure you only proceed with correct information. 

You may also be stopped automatically within the process, usually so that we can check your fees before you reach the fee payment stage. All queries appear at the start of the online registration process in your 'Query Tracker'.

The Query Tracker is our way of managing and communicating to you when a query is raised through the Online Registration process.  Using this you can follow the progress of each query, checking its status, which will show either:

P = Processing (not yet resolved)
C=  Complete (query resolved: continue with online registration)
A = Awaiting information (query not resolved, awaiting authorisation from Faculty or other office for change of student record)

We will add a comment next to the status of the query if further action is required from you, or if we have provided explanations for your situation. Please make sure you read these carefully. 

A query showing in red indicates that you cannot continue the online registration process. This is to ensure that your record is correct before you reach certain stages of the process. You will need to check for an answer/completion regularly. Other processing queries that are not in red will not stop you in the process and you will be able to proceed.

Invitation to register 

If you have received your invitation to register but cannot log onto the portal or have logged in but cannot reach Online Registration, then please contact the Information and Library Services helpdesk by emailing or visit the IT Service Desk pages.