Frequently asked questions about student ID cards.

  • How do I get my Greenwich Gateway Card if I am a new student?

    The two-part registration process must be completed before you can get your card.

    Part 1: Online Registration is where you confirm that the information held by the university about you is correct.

    Part 2: Registration Checks is where the university verifies the information you have provided in online registration.

    Upon completion of part 2, new students will be given their card, card holder and lanyard. The earlier you complete your registration, the earlier you get your card and can access the Stockwell Street Building or other facilities. Please ensure you complete both parts of registration before the deadline.

  • How do I get my Greenwich Gateway Card if I am a continuing student?

    You will need to complete online registration before you can get a card.

    Online registration begins on 26 August and should be completed by 8 October. Your card should arrive in the post 5-7 days after completing registration. Please ensure that your address details are correct during online registration, especially if you have a different address from previous years.

    Please be aware that temporary cards/day passes are no longer going to be made available to use the library and other facilities, so you must have your card if you need to use the library at the start of the term.

  • What do I do if I change my name or sex/gender?

    If you change your name or sex/gender, you will need to obtain a new card. There is no charge for new cards in these circumstances.

  • How long is my card valid for?

    Your student Greenwich Gateway Card is valid for the entire duration of your study. Once you finish your studies, you will still be able to access university facilities, such as the library or your email account for a period of 90 days. After this, you may want to consider becoming a University Alumni member.

  • What do I do if I lose my card?

    It is important that you look after and protect your Greenwich Gateway card. If this is lost or stolen your identity could be used fraudulently. If your card is lost or has been stolen you should act promptly and contact your campus Student Centre, either in person or by email. Your lost/stolen card will then be deactivated.

    If visiting, please check the opening hours for the Student Centres, which are located in Southwood House on the Avery Hill campus, Queen Mary Building on the Greenwich campus and Blake Building on the Medway campus.

    You are entitled to one free replacement card, thereafter we will charge you £10 for any further replacements .

    When a new card is issued, your account will need to be re-activated in order to access Stockwell Street. To do so, on your next visit to Stockwell Street you will need to hold your card near an online door reader. Further information on the location of online door readers in Stockwell Street and what you need to do to activate or re-activate your card will be available in September.

    If you are in the Library, or another part of the Stockwell Street building when you lose or damage your card, please notify a member of staff, who will then advise you on what to do next.

  • Can I lend my card to my friend if they lose theirs?

    No. Cards are not transferable and must not be lent to others. To do so is a misuse of the card.

  • What do I do if I leave the university before my programme of study is over?

    If you withdraw or interrupt your studies, you will need to return your card to your campus Student Centre.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with my card?

    If your card is not letting you in Stockwell Street or not letting you borrow books at the library, please report the problem to the Information and Library Services helpdesk, who will inform you on what to do next.

    Please email the helpdesk or call them on 020 8331 7555 if your card:

    • does not work with the cash loaders in the library
    • does not allow you through the green zone door in Stockwell Street
    • does not allow any printing and copying
    • does not allow you to borrow books
  • I will be working for the university under the Job Shop scheme. Will I need a different type of card to work in Stockwell Street?

    No, you can continue to use your Greenwich Gateway Card in Stockwell Street. If you need access to staff offices in Stockwell Street, speak to your line manager and they will make arrangements for you.

  • How do I find out further information?

    Important updates about the Greenwich Gateway Card and access to Stockwell Street are sent to your email account and are announced on the student portal.

  • What do I need the Greenwich Gateway Card for?

    Your Greenwich Gateway Card functions as:

    • ID on campus

      Students are required to carry their cards for ID purposes at all times. It must be presented on request, which is why lanyards will be provided to those wanting to use them. This will help to avoid losing the card, ensuring it is available to hand at all times.

      The card confirms that you are a student at the University of Greenwich. It can be used for identification purposes when voting in student elections

    • a key card allowing access to the new Stockwell Street Building and other buildings at the Maritime Greenwich, Avery Hill and Medway campuses. Stockwell Street houses the Greenwich library.
    • a card to print and copy on campus.
    • a card to borrow books at the library: The barcode on the front of the card is used by the library to manage your library record including the borrowing of books.

    The card is not an NUS card. You should purchase an NUS Extra card to obtain NUS discounts in shops and other places.

Stockwell Street

  • How do I get access to Stockwell Street?

    Student access to Stockwell Street will be permitted from the 15 September 2014. Stockwell Street and the rest of the buildings at the three campuses are only accessible using a Greenwich Gateway Card.

    Remember no card = no access.

    You must take your card with you at all times as you cannot access the building without it. Whether you are going out for a short break or arriving in the morning, the card must be used. You must use the same card when entering and leaving the building. This is for the security of students, staff and equipment.

    If you require access before 15 September, for example, if you are a postgraduate student completing your summer project, please contact your Faculty office.

  • When is the Stockwell Street building open?

    Stockwell Street will be open between 8am and 9pm on weekdays.
    If you need to access the building outside of these times, you will need to discuss this with Facilities Management at least 24 hours in advance to ensure that cards will allow entry and exit as required.

    Library opening hours will be communicated to students in September 2014 or on arrival.

  • Why can't I access parts of Stockwell Street with my card?

    Not all parts of Stockwell Street will be accessible to students; although the majority of the building will be, including the library, lecture theatres and study areas. The spaces within the building are divided up into zones:

    • White zone – open to the public
    • Green zone – open to students, staff and authorised visitors
    • Amber – open to staff only
    • Red – open to selected staff members only

    You will be provided with an outline description of the areas within the building that are restricted in September, when you will be able to use the building for the first time.

  • What do I do in the event of a fire in Stockwell Street?

    A fire alarm automatically overrides all electronic locks within Stockwell Street, allowing free exit. Cards are not required to go through doors or turnstiles in the event of a fire.

  • How do I book a group study area at Stockwell Street?

    You can book a group study area during the day between 8am and 9pm when the building is open. The rooms are available to book via the Student Portal.

  • How do I activate the card for use in Stockwell Street?

    When first entering Stockwell Street, you will need to activate your Greenwich Gateway Card. The card will activate on first use at an online door reader or turnstile inside the building. It may take up to five seconds to register, so don't worry if it takes a short while to work. Please make sure that you leave the card over the card reader until you see the light turn green and you hear an audible signal. This will ensure that your card is activated properly and that your permissions are correctly set.

    Once the card has registered, it should work with no further delays on subsequent visits.

    You will receive further information on the location of online door readers in Stockwell Street and instructions on what you need to do to activate your card in September.