It is important that students who believe they may eligible for special exam arrangements follow the procedure, allowing ample time for adjustments to be agreed and implemented before the exams.

1. Meeting with the Student Wellbeing Coordinator (disability & dyslexia)

Students with a disability, specific learning difficulty, long term medical or mental health condition affecting their performance in timed exams must contact the Student Wellbeing Service to arrange a meeting with a Student Wellbeing Coordinator (disability & dyslexia) to discuss this.

The Coordinator's roe is to review the evidence presented and discuss any recommendations with the student. Medical evidence will usually be a letter from the student's doctor (or appropriate health professional) and must include information about the disability, long term medical or mental health condition and how this will affect the student in an academic setting.

Evidence needed for special exam arrangements
You will need to provide evidence of your disability or specific learning difficulty before special exam arrangements can be put in place.

2. Completion of an exam form

The adviser completes an exams form with the recommendations  you have discussed with the adviser who sends this to the Director of Learning and Quality (DLQ) in the School.  A provisional entry is made on the university records system, which is confirmed once the DLQ returns the signed/stamped exams form. The university records system is updated to show that the arrangements are confirmed and a copy of the form is kept in the student's file. 

3. Deadlines for requesting special exam arrangements

A deadline for requesting special exam arrangements is set before each exam period and advertised on the Student Wellbeing Service page at the relevant times of the academic year. This is to ensure that students requiring special arrangements for their exams can be seen by an Student Wellbeing Coordinator (disability & dyslexia), allowing time for administration and for the faculty and Student Wellbeing Service to implement the arrangements. Students have a responsibility to track and view their exams provision  in their student record, via the student portal. to ensure that the record is correct. If the record is not what you expected you should contact the Student Wellbeing Service.

4. Before the exam(s)

Prior to each exam period, Exams Officers compile lists of students who have special arrangements. The faculty then makes arrangements for extra time, use of computers and separate rooms (individual or with others). The Student Wellbeing Service also advise students who have permission to use readers and scribes how to book support workers and arrange the moving of equipment where this is an agreed adjustment.

Further information

Exam regulations
Examination and assessment regulations for students with disabilities, dyslexia and long term health conditions.

Tracking your exam adjustments
Track and view your exam adjustments on your student record.