Although is advisable to apply as soon as you can before your course begins to increase the chances that the support is in place when you start, you can apply for DSAs at any stage of your course.

Which form should I use?

You must complete the full version of the DSA1 form if you are:

  • applying for Disabled Students' Allowances only
  • a part-time student
  • a postgraduate student
  • studying your course by distance learning

You should complete the short version of the DSA1 only if:

  • you've already completed a student finance application (or intend to do so). When you complete your main student finance application (PN1) online simply tick the 'Disabled Students' Allowances' box and Student Finance England will send you the short version pre-printed with your personal details.

Health students should read the further information below for details on how to submit an application for DSAs.

Please note: You should be aware that the application process can be very lengthy. If you are concerned that you may be disadvantaged if support is not in place at the start of your course you should speak to your funding authority about this. The Disability Advisers can also provide information. Where students make late applications they may be advised to defer their place until the next academic year.

Application forms

Application forms
DSA1 application forms and guidance notes for students.

Information for health students
Programmes funded by the NHS apply via the NHS Business Services Authority.

Further information

Your DSA
An informative website with advice about how to understand, apply for and track your progress through the DSA process.