Information about a person's disability is personal and as such will only be communicated to appropriate university staff with the person's consent to enable the provision of reasonable adjustments to meet their needs.

All details relating to a student's information will also be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). Before information is passed on within the university you will be asked to sign giving your permission. 

Information is usually shared with the relevant Programme Leader, Learning Quality Director and Disability Named Contact and any other individual you wish to nominate.  It is recognised that in order to implement adjustments these individuals the university will need to share information with others involved in supporting the student.

A student with a disability may, if they chose, request that the existence or nature of their disability, long term medical condition, mental health difficulty or specific learning difficulty is treated as strictly confidential. In determining whether it is reasonable to make an adjustment the university must have regard to the extent that making the adjustment is consistent with a request for confidentiality. In some instances this might mean that a reasonable adjustment may have to be provided in an alternative way in order to comply with the student's request to keep their disability confidential. In some cases a confidentiality request might mean that a less satisfactory reasonable adjustment is provided or that no reasonable adjustment can be made.

Disposal of personal information

All paper-based information will be kept for a period of six years after completion of a student's course, after which time it will be safely disposed of.