To help First Aiders to respond to your needs in an emergency situation, if you have a long term medical condition it is helpful if you can provide the university with a brief care plan.

If you have a long term medical condition (such as asthma, epilepsy, diabetes or sickle cell anaemia) you may become unwell whilst on campus. If you need to complete a care plan you can download it here and bring it with you when you come to register with the service, or at any time if the condition develops whilst you are on course.

Four main care plans

Copies of the care plan are sent to:

  • the student's personal tutor
  • the Disability Named Contact of the School
  • the Exams Officer of the School
  • Information and Library Services (ILS)

Please note:

Copies are also kept in the student's file in the campus Disability and Dyslexia Centre where the student studies.

If you do not wear a Medic Alert bracelet we also urge you to keep a copy of the plan with you at all times.

For more information or to set up a care plan, contact your campus Disability & Dyslexia Centre.

Contacting us and visiting information

Contacting us and visiting information - Disability and Dyslexia Centre appointments, visits and staff availability