Lifts are normally prohibited from use during an emergency evacuation. Evacuation/fire fighting lifts may be used for the evacuation of disabled people.

Lifts are normally prohibited from use during an emergency evacuation. There are types of lifts known as evacuation or fire fighting lifts, which may be used for the evacuation of disabled people. These lifts must only be operated under the direction and control of a member of staff using an agreed evacuation procedure. Facilities Management will know if the lifts installed in each building fall into this category.

If it is safe to do so wheelchairs, guide dogs and other 'equipment' (crutches etc.) must be evacuated as well as the disabled person. Students with mobility difficulties should consult with the disability team over their evacuation procedures, see details below.

Where disabled staff and students are unable to use stairways without assistance it will be necessary to identify refuge areas. Refuge areas provide a place of relative safety for disabled staff and students before being assisted to final exit. With good communication links to the refuge area it may not be necessary to evacuate from the refuge if the fire does not pose a risk. Some refuges have telephones linked to Campus Security.

Refuge areas can be an enclosure such as a compartment lobby, corridor or stairway that can provide protection from a fire. Once a refuge area has been identified it should be suitably signed and kept free from obstructions. It is essential that the location of a refuge does not have any adverse effect on the means of escape.

The disabled person's friend, colleague, assistant or the most senior member of staff present should report the location of the disabled person awaiting evacuation to the building reception. In this way the fire brigade can be informed when they arrive. Facilities Management have detailed plans indicating the location of refuges. This information is also held by the disability team.

Fire wardens search their designated area of the building, including any refuges and report to the Assembly Point if there is anyone in the building. Fire wardens help ensure that people reach the assembly point quickly and safely and remain there until the building is declared safe.

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