Disabled students who have difficulties evacuating a building independently in the case of an emergency should have a personal emergency evacuation plan.

What is a PEEP?

The purpose of the personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP) is firstly to ensure the safety of the named individual in a building evacuation situation. The PEEP will also record the safety plan e.g. routes, corridors, stairs or refuges etc., identify those persons who will assist and any training or practice needs. Each faculty and office should produce a PEEP when aware that staff, students or visitors may experience difficulties in responding to a building evacuation alarm.

Who is involved in creating a PEEP?

The PEEP is a personal plan and so must be drawn up with the active participation of the person concerned. Faculties and offices are responsible for reviewing the risk assessments for the activities the student will be undertaking as part of the course or whilst living on campus, and identifying any arrangements that may not adequately address the needs of the individual disabled student. They will need to do this in consultation with the student, the local safety officer/s for the faculty and the programme leader.

Using your PEEP

All staff and students who could be expected to aid the evacuation of a disabled person should receive a copy of the relevant PEEP.

Disabled students will be taken through their PEEP in an individual orientation session conducted by a member of the Student Wellbeing Service, the local safety officer and the programme leader. Students will be invited to give feedback as to the effectiveness of their PEEP.

A PEEP should be activated immediately the alarm is raised.

The PEEP should address work out of normal hours or areas where close supervision is not available. A person with a mobility impairment working unaccompanied may mean that they cannot evacuate (e.g. on any floor other than the ground floor). They should report their location to the building reception (or site security). If accompanied by a friend or colleague, that person can report their location to the reception upon evacuation. In this way the fire brigade can be informed when they arrive.

Creating a PEEP

Stage by stage procedure for PEEP
Guide to the process for creating a personal emergency evacuation plan (PEEP).