Bereavement and grief are something that we are all likely to experience in our lives. When we experience grief, bereavement or loss it can make us feel many different things and we all experience this differently.

Bereavement, grief and loss

There is no normal or right way to grieve. How we react will be influenced by our own personal experience, the meaning we attach to our relationship with that particular person, our individual circumstances and how we cope with loss in general.

If you are caring for someone who has been bereaved it is also important to know how to help them as best you can as well as look after your own wellbeing too.

Coronavirus and Bereavement

The coronavirus (covid-19) global pandemic has and will continue to result in the loss of life across many countries including the UK. A bereavement from covid-19 is likely to be a very challenging bereavement for most people and it is important that people are cared for and early on.

Experiencing loss can be a confusing time and there are different organisations that can provide information and support for those experiencing bereavement or if you are caring for somebody who has been bereaved.

It may be that you would like to speak to one of the university services or prefer to contact an external organisation. The following are a list of the services available with some information on what they provide.

Cruse Bereavement care

Offer telephone, email and website support.

They have extensive articles and information on grief and bereavement that explore how you may be able to help yourself and others. As well as information on the local services available to you.

They also have specific information about coronavirus and bereavement and grief.


Is an organisation that helps suddenly bereaved people to access free information, advice and guidance, this includes helping suddenly bereaved people access specialist care and support after their bereavement.

They also have specific information on bereavement and coronavirus for people who have been bereaved and their carers and advice if you are caring for a bereaved person.

The Good Grief Trust

Is run by the bereaved for the bereaved, they provide information and guidance on where you can find support. They also have specific information for those who have been bereaved though coronavirus or any circumstances during these times.

Winston's wish

Supports bereaved children, young people, their families and the professionals who support them. They have also developed some resources and information specifically around bereavement and coronavirus.


As well as their usual information and telephone line they have developed specific  information for those who may be concerned about their mental health during this time.


This resource provides information on the symptoms you may experience when you are bereaved as well as a mood self-assessment tool and some things that you can try to help with bereavement, grief and loss.

We are also here to help and support you

We are committed to providing support, advice and guidance to students and staff who are experiencing bereavement and loss as well as the agencies listed above, we also have some support services that you can access.


  • Our Student Wellbeing Service is available by phone and email with information available here on how to make contact.
  • Togetherall is a digital mental health and wellbeing service, which provides a 24/7 online mental health support for students. Students can contact Togetherall if they require mental health and wellbeing support at any time of the day or night.

The service is free, and students need to register using their university email address.  As part of registering you choose an anonymous username which is how you will be known on Togetherall.


  • Employee Assistance Programme

Confidential and independent counselling is available for staff and family members through the University's Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The counselling service is called Confidential Care and is provided to the University through CiC.

The Advice Line is available 24/7, 365 dates, with up to six counselling sessions available provided by trained and accredited counsellors. More information on how to access the counselling service is available on the staff portal and HR web pages.


The Chaplaincy at the University of Greenwich is for both students and staff. The team offer help and guidance to people of all religions and beliefs, as well as those without particular beliefs.

To contact the chaplains at Greenwich and Avery Hill, please email

To contact the Chaplaincy at Medway, please email