Our professionally qualified counselling team is diverse and offers different approaches. This, along with our associate counsellors, enables us to provide a greater range of help.

Whatever your concern, we can offer support and understanding in a non-judgemental, non-critical way. We will respect your values, choices and lifestyle and help explore your feelings, enabling you to find a way forward.

How Counselling can help

Working with a counsellor may help you to see your problem with greater clarity, get some insight into its origins, and think about how to move forward.

It provides a safe, confidential space to explore any problems you may be experiencing. These include anxiety, stress, loneliness, homesickness, relationship difficulties, loss of confidence, family crisis, sexuality and sexual orientation, abuse, depression, academic problems and identity issues.

Counselling can also help with concerns such as adjusting to university life, dealing with dilemmas, making difficult decisions or choices, and more specific problems such as addictions, self harming and eating disorders.

The counselling service is free and confidential.  All our counsellors abide by their professional bodies ethical framework for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy. We abide by the Data Protection Act.

Counselling services

The Counselling service offers short term counselling.

We work with a solution focused approach to problems.

In your initial 50 minute appointment your counsellor will gain a clear understanding of your problem and think together with you about how you might move forward.  Very often this initial session is enough to help students feel that they can get back on track without further support.

If you need a little more help with finding the right solution or way forward, then follow-up sessions may be recommended. We aim to keep these as brief and focused as possible. Short term counselling, based on a solution focused approach, is an effective means of support for many people and particularly those in the student age-group.

Reasons why you might wish to have a counselling session and what to expect from the  counselling process.