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Frequently asked questions

Some of the more common questions asked about student finance and student financial support in the university.

 Frequently asked questions about student finance and financial support at the university.

If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us and we will do our best to respond to your query as quickly as possible.

  • Tuition fees

    How do I know how much my tuition fees will be?

    Fees are published on the website each academic year. Tuition fees can be increase each year for most postgraduate and international students, however the university will endeavour to minimise any increases. Maximum levels of undergraduate tuition fees are set annually by the UK Government.

     For details of our tuition fee rates please visit:

  • Paying tuition fees

    How can I pay my tuition fees to the university?

    Full details on how you can make tuition fees payments to the university are available here for:

  • Discount on tuition fees

    If I pay my fees in full at registration, can I get a discount?

    Students may receive a discount on tuition fees if they make full payment before set dates in the academic year dependant on their time of registration. This does not apply to payments made by tuition fee loans. The discount applies only to fees paid in full at the first opportunity of registration in September, by the last day in September or for January registration, by the last day in January of that same academic year, unless there has been an administrative delay on the part of the university.

    This discount is not applied to any other fees. Payment for full-time postgraduate one-year programmes starting in January will receive the 5 per cent discount only if the full annual fee for the programme is paid in full at the time of registration. The charge for the whole year of study relates to the fee when registering at the start of the programme.

    If a student's programme does not start on either of these main dates, the discount will apply only if fees are paid within four weeks of the start of the programme. The discount applies only to tuition fees and only after all other discounts have been deducted.

    This discount is not applied to any other fees.

  • Applying for student loans

    Where can I get more information on applying for student loans?

    Student Finance England has lots of information and guides on how to apply for undergraduate student support and how to apply for a Postgraduate Loan. All students can make their application online, for more information please visit the Student Finance England website.

  • Tuition fee loan amount

    What should I do if I have requested the wrong Tuition Fee Loan amount?

    Students can log in to their online Student Finance England account and change the amount of Tuition Fee Loan requested by selecting 'Make a change to your application'. There are instances when this isn't possible. You should contact SFE to ascertain what the problem is and make any necessary reapplication or programme changes.

  • Tuition fees refund eligibility

    When am I eligible to get a refund on my tuition fees?

    A refund of tuition fees may be available if you withdraw or interrupt from your programme of study and this complies with the university's withdrawal/interruption policy and refund policy. If you believe you may be entitled to a refund, contact us at .

    International students may also receive a refund in the same way. They may also qualify for a refund of a deposit in certain circumstances. International students should contact the International Office for more information or with any enquiries regarding refunds.

    Any monies due will be returned to the original payee, such as Student Finance England via BACS transfer.

  • Withdrawal or interruption from my programme of study

    Where can I get further information on withdrawing or interrupting from my programme of study?

     Information about the process for Withdrawal or Interruption is available on Withdrawal and Interruption of Studies page. You should ensure that you speak with your Personal Tutor prior to instigated the process. You should also get advise from the Student Finance and Financial Support team as withdrawing or interrupting from your programme of study will effect your eligibility to student support in the future.

  • Useful budget resources

    Do you have any resources I can use to help me budget?

    Yes, we have useful resources, information and interactive tools to help you plan and manage your money. All this can be found under the money management section of the website.

  • Financial difficulties support

    Is there any support from the university if I am having financial difficulties?

    Yes, you may be able to apply to the Access to Learning Fund. Further information is available here.

  • Financial difficulties advice

    Who can I speak to about my financial difficulties?

    In the first instance we recommend that you email us at for further advice and information. We can then recommend an appointment for you if necessary.