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Postgraduate tuition fees

The following information on tuition fees is for home and EU postgraduate students only.

Standard Masters fees by faculty

Standard Masters fees for home and EU students in the 2018-19 academic year are the following for each faculty:

Faculty of studyFull time fee per yearPart time fee 30 credits
Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities £8,250 £1,375
Faculty of Business £9,250£1,540
Faculty of Education and Health£7,500£1,250
Faculty of Engineering and Science£8,250£1,375

Please note

  • For Home and EU Postgraduate Taught students and students undertaking an MSc Research (Science) or an MSc Research (Psychology) assessed as paying fees at the home rate, tuition fees are subject to an annual fee setting exercise and will rise annually by no more than RPI-X +3% (Retail Price Index excluding mortgage interest payments +3%).
  • We would only consider an increase to the fee rate for continuing students to reflect the increased cost of delivering the programme in subsequent years.
  • The part-time fees above only apply to Home and EU fee payers.
  • The part time fees you are charged will depend on the number of credits you are required and permitted to study per academic year and will be subject to the annual fee increases as outlined above.
  • Please note that students starting programmes in subsequent years will pay the published fee for new entrants to the relevant Academic year and will come under a different set of arrangements to those advised here.
  • Fees above are subject to the university's Charging and Refund Policy
  • Students categorised as studying for an equivalent or lower qualification (ELQ) may be charged a tuition fee rate that is higher than the standard published rates.