Nursing, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, Speech and Language Therapy students 2017-18 entry students Study here

Midwifery, Nursing, Speech and Language Therapy Students

From the 1st August 2017, the way these programmes are funded will change. New applicants will need to apply to Student Finance England (SFE) for support with tuition fees and living costs for the duration of their programme of study.  

Below are the maximum maintenance loan rates you may be entitled to receive to help with your living expenses.

Full-time students Loan for the 2017 to 2018 academic year 

Living with parents

Up to £7,097

Studying in London and not living with parents

Up to £11,002

Studying outside London and not living with parents

Up to £8,430

Living and studying abroad for at least one termUp to £9,654

Use the student finance calculator to estimate your Maintenance Loan. The amount of maintenance loan you receive will depend on your household income. It is important to note that there are different rates available depending on certain criteria such as your age, where you intend to study and where you intend to live during term time.

You may also qualify for additional support if you are in receipt of Government means-tested benefits, a single parent or in receipt of Disabled Living Allowance.

For further information see the new full-time student leaflet.

You can apply now for your student support by visiting the Student Finance England applicant webpage. 

Funding for students who began their healthcare course before 1st August 2017 

Students who commenced their programmes prior to the 1st August 2017 and are in receipt of a NHS bursary will continue to receive this for the duration of their course where this is completed uninterrupted. 

Students who interrupted their programme

If you are currently interrupted from your programme and are planning on returning to the course, you may still be eligible for an NHS bursary in special circumstances. Contact NHSBSA for further information. 

Students who withdrew from their programme 

If you withdrew from a programme which qualified for a NHS bursary and are planning on returning to the same programme or an alternative programme, you may still be eligilible to retain eligibility to an NHS Bursary. NHSBSA will provide further guidance shortly.

Additional allowances

In addition to the loans available for tuition fees and living costs, the NHS will also continue to provide a bursary to assist you with the additional costs of travelling to compulsory clinical placements and, if you are a parent, you may also get a non-means tested flat rate amount.  

These bursaries will be administered by the NHS and do not need to be repaid.

Further information about these additional allowances will be made available shortly. You can visit the NHS website for the most recent announments.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your specific circumstances, you may contact us at where we will be able to provide further advice and guidance. 

Paramedic Science 2017-18 

BSc Hons Paramedic Science (London)

Eligible students attending the BSc Hons Paramedic Science based at our Avery Hill campus can apply for a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan from Student Finance England. Further Information on undergraduate fees, bursaries and scholarships

BSc Hons Paramedic Science (Medway)

Eligible students attending the BSc Hons Paramedic Science based at our Medway campus will have their tuition fees paid for by the Health Education England Kent, Surrey and Sussex Trust, and will receive a bursary. Details of how to apply for this will be provided once students are selected. Students on this programme can also apply for a Reduced Rate Maintenance Loan from Student Finance England.