We believe in the dignity and value of every human being. That is why, as Chaplains, we are here to help you in any way we can.

What is a university chaplaincy?

  • The Chaplaincy is both a place and a team of people, known as Chaplains.
  • Chaplains are appointed by faith communities to work at the university to care for students and staff of all religions or none.
  • Chaplaincy is part of the Student Services section of Student & Academic Services.
  • Each campus has at least one chaplain.

What do chaplains do?

Chaplaincy work includes:

Welcome and being part of university life

  • We provide a positive atmosphere for students, staff and all those we work with.
  • We help students to register and settle in.
  • We are available to talk with students and staff regularly.
  • We provide information on local places of worship
  • We support the university community by organising social occasions, trips, religious services, and other events
  • Assist in university events such as graduations and freshers' fairs.

Heart to heart

  • We provide confidential pastoral care to those in distress or need
  • In the event of a serious incident affecting students or staff we offer confidential care and guidance to those affected
  • We offer spiritual direction to students and staff of all faiths or none.
  • We encourage students and staff to discuss religion, belief, and ideology sensibly, respectfully and calmly.
  • We offer support to those who are unwell.
  • We co-ordinate a network of Christian students at the three campuses.

Faith spaces

There is a faith space on each university campus. These are provided for all students and staff, of all faiths and none.

Contacting the Chaplaincy

There is at least one chaplain on each campus, but this is not an emergency service.

More information about the university Chaplaincy.