This is a selection of our ambassadors from a variety of different academic disciplines and both undergraduates and postgraduates.

If you have any questions for the ambassadors, you can use the discussion forum to post questions or comments. The project does not allow direct contact with the ambassadors for a variety of reasons.

Melanie Thorley

*AccessAbility Project Co-ordinator

"I work with a dedicated team who are as committed as I am to widening participation... The team works with different departments across the university and our success is testament to all of the people who have worked with us to make this Project so successful."

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Psychology student and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I became an *Accessibility Ambassador to share my experiences of having Dyslexia in Higher Education with other prospective University students who may or may not be considering the next step in education."

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Nathan Vasudaven

Mental Health Nursing student and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I wanted to become an Access Ability Ambassador to further my skills of working with those with various disabilities. I have recently completed my Psychology Degree, and am now working towards my Mental Health Nursing degree, both of which will and have benefitted greatly from the experience of working with the project."

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Emma Skillen

MSc Computer Science and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I became an *AccessAbility Ambassador as I have needs and have been through university."

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Russell Sax

BA Creative Writing and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I have had a chaotic background and had struggled with mental health issues and felt that I might have the necessary life experience to be of use to the *AA project.

I'd like to be a Creative Writing tutor/lecturer and practitioner."

Siobhan Wilson

LLB Law and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"It is an ideal opportunity to spread awareness to prospective students about learning disabilities. A greater awareness is what led to my dyspraxia being recognised, so spreading information of disabilities, and crucially how to still succeed, is especially important to me.

When I graduate, I wish to practise in Family Law."


MPhil Engineering and *AccessAbility E-mentoring Ambassador

"I became an ambassador to inspire young people/students to further their education, be a role-model and gain a new experience."

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BEng Hons Mechanical Engineering Technology and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I became an ambassador as I wanted to build on my experience and confidence, and use that experience to help others."

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BA Hons and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I became interested in being an *AccessAbility Ambassador after speaking to Melanie and Mustapha at an Open Day and at Freshers' Week."

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BEng Mechanical Engineering Technology and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I became an ambassador because I have Asperger's Syndrome and I wanted to let other students know that it is possible to study at a university."

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BA Hons Criminology Student and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I became a *AccessAbility Ambassador as I was a mentee, mentored by a student who was an *AccessAbility Ambassador and felt that I would like to help those that are thinking about going to University."

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LLB student and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"The benefits of being an *AA include meeting different people from various backgrounds and inspiring them to re-engage or reaffirm their decision on going to university."

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BSc Hons Psychology student and *AccessAbility Ambassador

"I believe that the *AA project is very successful and I am proud to be part of such an inspiring team."

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