STAART Art 1: Draw a Dinosaur

A number of the active STAART ambassadors devised an art competition to provide us with a good distraction during these unprecedented events. The competition was  to draw a dinosaur following the tutorial by 'Art for Kids Hub' which provides a slow, step by step tutorial using shapes to make it easy and accessible for all.

Everyone made their dinosaurs their own, making them into different characters and personalities. We had some really unique names/ breeds such as 'Lavendosauras', 'Pottersauras', 'Mrs Beysauras Carter' and my favourite 'STAARTausauras'. We were able to offer a £20 Amazon voucher for the first prize winner and a £10 amazon voucher for the two runners up.

We have had a large range of ages enter the competition. The youngest submission was Emily and she is 3 And the oldest submission was 53 from Melanie.  It is brilliant to see that such a range of ages took part in this competition.

We determined the original short list by counting how many reactions there was to people's dinosaur posts on Facebook. The top 10 were then put to the shortlist.  Melanie made a survey so that people could vote on their favourite three from the shortlist.

Interestingly, the survey to determine the final 3 winners showed us that this competition has reached 11 different countries: Germany, Turkey, The United States, Italy, Netherlands, Hong Kong SAR China, Estonia, Finland, Canada and India. This is incredible how far this competition has reached and not only has this meant that we have been able to provide a well needed distraction in these current circumstances , but also means that we are able to spread the STAART message far and wide.

Lastly, a final congratulation to the joint winners Emily Fisher (30) and Miley (10) and the runner up Alexandria (26). And well done for everyone who submitted work they all look brilliant and everyone should be very proud of their work.

Miley - joint winner

Harry Potter themed hand-drawn dinosaur

I chose to make a Pottersauras as everybody knows who Harry Potter is so my dinosaur would be well known. I would like to enter more competitions because I liked doing the dinosaur one.

To keep busy, I have tried to complete some stuff that I would not be able to do when I'm at school. I have been riding my bike more often, going on the trampoline learning tricks , arts and crafts like Easter packages for my family and cooking tasty snacks!

I would like to enter more competitions because I liked doing the dinosaur one.

Alexandria - runner up

A collage in the shape of a dinosaur

I entered the STAART ART competition to get involved with something fun to take my mind of the stress and anxiety of quarantine.

It was such a wonderful thing to be able to do, something creative and enjoyable. I was able to channel my energy into something positive and I'm really looking forward to taking part in any future competitions.

Emily - joint winner

A hand drawn dinosaur

I am so pleased to have won this first art competition hosted by STAART.

Honestly, I entered simply to have an excuse to draw something fun and different, I had no expectations for winning and so it has been a lovely surprise amidst this difficult time. Coming up with a concept allowed me to create a whole narrative for my Dino, and with the COVID19 pandemic, I wanted my Dino to continue spreading awareness on the importance of following government and WHO advice to stay home.

As an English Literature student, I always have plenty to read so apart from art I've been reading and writing a lot of poetry as well as starting on my reading list for next year. I also have exams starting next week so I've been revising for those too - art being my relaxation between revision sessions.

I suffer badly from depression and PTSD so it's always important for me to have some form of mindfulness and distraction from the more stressful situations in my life, this competition was perfectly timed for me to join in! I will be buying stationery with my prize money. I look forward to participating again if another competition comes along, it has been a lot of fun. Thank you.

STAART Art 2: Cats and Dogs Colouring Book

As the first STAART Art competition was such a success, we created another activity. We have created two STAART Art colouring books - one featuring your drawings of cats, another featuring your drawings of dogs. The images are realistic, abstract, cartoon, geometric, anamorphic, portraits, etc.

People of all ages and locations were welcome to join in. There were no prizes for this activity. There were three stages:

1. Draw your cat or dog, then capture the blank image

A hand-drawn dog outline

2. Colour in your drawing to suit your tastes

We asked for your first name, age, location and the name of your cat or dog.

A hand-drawn dog coloured in

3. Post both your drawings to the STAART Art Facebook page

The competition closed at midnight (UK) on 26 July 2020. We decided to use all of the submissions to create our first ever STAART colouring books. Please share with your friends, families, colleagues, etc.

STAART Art 2nd Competition: Cats and Dogs

We are delighted to be hosting a second STAART ART prize competition. Anybody, anywhere, any age can get involved. The first prize is a £25 Amazon voucher and there are three runner-up prizes of £10 each.

We will be using the images in the STAART colouring books for this competition. You can enter as many pictures as you like.

How to enter

  • Choose a cat or dog image from the STAART colouring books.
  • Colour in the image to your choice of colour or materials. This can be done electronically or by hand.
  • Add your first name, age, location and the name of your cat / dog.
  • Post it to the STAART Art Facebook page by 30 November 2020.
The winners will be announced on 14 December 2020.