The winners of the quiz were Form 13T at the Strood Academy in Kent with 26 correct answers. The students will receive £50 in book tokens. Many congratulations to all of the students in Form 13T, especially as a number of my colleagues commented on how difficult some of the questions were. The correct answers to the quiz are below.

The *AccessAbility Ambassadors would like to thank all of the people who attempted the quiz and we apologise if people were put off by the tricky questions.

Prize quiz answers

Q1 What do the initials DDA stand for?

A1 C Disability Discrimination Act.

Q2 In which year was the DDA first introduced?

A2 B - 1995.

Q3 What do the initials DSA stand for?

A3 A- Disabled Students Allowance.

Q4 What do the initials ADHD stand for?

A4 B Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Q5 What did the initials DRC stand for?

A5 A Disability Rights Commission.

Q6 What did Scope used to be known as?

A6 The Spastic Society.

Q7 What do the initials SENCO stand for?

A7 C Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator.

Q8 Who is currently the minister for disabled people?

A8 Jonathon Shaw.

Q9 What is the national society for visually impaired and blind people?


Q10 Who can give education advice to school leavers who have a disability?

Q10 C Skill.

Q11 Approximately how many disabled people are there in the UK?

A11 C 10 million.

Q12 Under its original name, when did the *AccessAbility Project start?

A12 B August 2007.

Q13 How much money is available for non-medical helper support per year?

A13 C - 20,520.

Q14 In which year was the International Day of Persons with Disabilities introduced?

A14 B 1982.

Q15 In which year was the wheelchair marathon race introduced to the Paralympics?

A15 B 1983.

Q16 In which year was Skill introduced?

A16 1974.

Q17 The RNIB supports people with which disability/impairment?

A17 Visually impaired and blind people.

Q18 According to the RNID, approximately how many Deaf people in the UK prefer British Sign Language (BSL) as their home/first language?

A18 50,000.

Q19 What was the original name of the *AccessAbility Project?

A19 ThisAbility.

Q20 What were the first names of the first three *AccessAbility Ambassadors?

A20 Amy, Fadeia and Mustapha.

Q21 How many of the *AccessAbility Ambassadors are postgraduates?

A21 Two  Melanie and Amy.

Q22 What do the initials LIB stand for in Disability LIB?

A22 Listen, include and build.

Q23 Which are the two colours of Aimhigher nationally?

A23 Turquoise/light blue and navy.

Q24 What percentage of disabilities are unseen?

A24 92%.

Q25 In which year was the DRC disbanded?

A25 2007.

Q26 What does the acronym SENDA stand for?

A26 Special Educational Needs and Disability Act.

Q27 In which year was SENDA introduced?

A27 2001.

Q28 Which three initials are the American equivalents of the DDA?

A28 ADA.

Q29 Which *AccessAbility Ambassador is also the E-mentoring Ambassador?

A29 Amy Lewington.

Q30 Is a broken leg covered by the DDA?

A30 No.

Q31 What does the acronym CSW stand for in education?

A31 Communication Support Worker.

Q32 What is the name of the CEO at Skill?

A32 Barbara Waters.

Q33 What is the name of the only university in the world that caters specifically for Deaf students?

A33 Gallaudet.

Q34 Before it was disbanded, what did the initials NDT stand for?

A34 National Disability Team.

Q35 What do the initials DAN stand for?

A35 Direct Action Network/Defeat Autism Now.

Q36 What is the more acceptable term for manic depression?

A36 Bipolar.

Q37 In which year was the BCODP stand for?

A37 1981/British Council of Disabled People.

Q38 Which organisation is responsible for the DSA?

A38 Student Finance England.

Q39 What was the name of the first professor of Disability Studies in the UK?

A39 Mike Oliver.

Q40 At which university did this first professor of disability studies teach?

A40 University of Greenwich.

Q41 How many of the *AccessAbility Ambassadors are studying engineering?

A41 Three.

Q42 In which department at the University of Greenwich is the *AccessAbility Project situated in?

A42 Access and Widening Participation/Partnership Division.

Q43 Which university in the UK has the most disabled students?

A43 The Open University.

Q44 The disbanded DRC became part of which much larger organisation?

A44 Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

Q45 The initials EFDS stand for what?

A45 English Federation of Disability Sport.

Q46 In which year was the BOCDP formed?

A47 1981.

Q47 What was the name of the head of the DRC before it was disbanded?

A47 Sir Bert Massie.

Q48 The *AccessAbility Project is located within which Aimhigher partnership?

A48 Aspire SE London Aimhigher.

Q49 Who was the founder of Disability Equality in Education?

A49 Richard Rieser.

Q50 And finally, how many top tips on transition are there on the *AccessAbility Project website?

A50 Five.

The *AccessAbility Project will do something different in 2010 to acknowledge and celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities - any suggestions as to how we will celebrate this important day are very welcome. Our next venture will be an easier quiz with multiple choice questions to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week in May. As with this quiz, the Deaf Awareness Quiz is open to everybody except the *AccessAbility Ambassadors. Please look out for the quiz relating to Deafness in April 2010. If you think you may have difficulty remembering when the next quiz will be, you can either check our webpages in April or email me in advance and I can email you closer to the time. Many thanks for your time.

Melanie and the Ambassadors