This webpage contains a number of comments made by some of the people we work with, both inside and outside of the university. The comments are mostly from staff and visitors who have commented on our events, training and/or services that we offer.

Thanks to Helena and Nathan for the help. It has been so much help and I wouldn't have understood what to do without them.

Student, Crown Woods College

I enjoyed the programme very much. All the information provided has cleared my confusion about going to university. The most important was the 1-1 help every week with an *AccessAbility Ambassador. I intend to become a student ambassador myself as it has made me want to pass on the information I have acquired while completing this programme.

Student, Crown Woods College

This programme has been great for the students. It has given the students confidence to move on, to get to know what is going on, where they are going, what is going on and who they can go to if they need information or help. I would highly recommend the programme to other students as I think it made a big difference to the students.

Teaching assistant, Crown Woods College

Without a doubt, the students have benefitted from this programme – all have gained knowledge and are more eager to attend university now – worries and concerns have been eased – forms completed and happy students have emerged! It has been brilliant watching the selected students grow from worried young adults into confident young adults – this was only possible due to Helena and Nathan. I have had the pleasure of working with two amazing young people – they felt like part of the team – can I keep them?

Head of department, Crown Woods College

Thank you very much for asking Siobhan and Harry to assist with my event on Saturday 29th Sept -  they were a credit to you and the University of Greenwich.   Both *AccessAbility Ambassadors were friendly and helpful, the prospective students really enjoyed talking to them and I have had several positive comments from people who attended the event about how useful the sessions were.

Deb, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

She has helped me become a lot more confident, not only with the skills I am developing but also as a person.

FE, sixth-form student 

I have benefitted hugely in staying focused in my maths and English retake lessons. I feel I have improved in an area I was not sure about at the beginning of term.

MA, sixth-form student

The university Open Days have been augmented by the participation of the *AccessAbility Project on each campus. The Open Days operate on all three campuses simultaneously and the *AccessAbility Co-ordinator has done an excellent job in ensuring that at every Open Day there are student ambassadors on each stand to help and give advice to the many hundreds of visitors who attend. The stands are always immaculately turned out with written information, a distinctive tablecloth and a pull up stand which identifies the stall. The *AccessAbility stand performs an important function, because the student ambassadors are able to speak from their own experience of just what it is like to be a student at the university and specifically to make prospective students aware of the challenges they are likely to face as a student with disabilities of whatever nature. I am very grateful for their participation.

DN, Open Day Co-ordinator

The Access and Admissions conference was an overall success. Both Mark and Mustapha did a great job and I am very thankful for their input.

LJ, Education Liaison Officer

Thank you for your presentation this morning – I had no idea that there were so many *AccessAbility Ambassadors here, or the variety of work they undertake. Myself and the other members of staff are looking forward to working with you and the ambassadors over the next academic year.

MB, Student Centre at Medway

What a fabulous training day! Not only have I learnt about deaf culture and education, I have mastered the British Sign Language alphabet. I can now sign my name and ask basic questions. I think the sessions were more meaningful as the tutors were deaf themselves and they were very engaging, as well as being very patient.

IG, AWPU/Aspire Staff Training Day

I do feel that my transition to university could not have progressed as smoothly as it has without the support of my mentor.

CN, *AccessAbility Mentee

I became an *AccessAbility Mentoring Ambassador for a number of reasons. The mentoring has furthered my communication skills, enabled me to encourage my mentee to pursue higher education, gained confidence by passing on my experience of higher education and has proved to me that my disability cannot prevent me from attempting almost any career.

FH, *AccessAbility Mentoring Ambassador

Thank you and the *AccessAbility Ambassadors for organising the summer school, it was a real eye-opener especially for one of our students, PD. His attitude to work and has dramatically improved, he is so much more involved with his course work and college and his aspirations are much higher than last year. He has now applied to go to university even though last year he was not sure he wanted to further his education.