The University of Greenwich is committed to equality of opportunity for all university applicants and students, and all students must comply with the Equal Opportunities Policy.

To support the policy, the university operates fair, open and transparent procedures for student recruitment, assessment, progression and the attainment of awards. The university also promotes the use of inclusive language and avoids the use of words or phrases that are discriminatory or exclusive in all university publications and correspondence.

In addition, the university provides:

  • Counselling and support services for a diverse student body
  • Dyslexia learning support
  • An outreach assessment centre
  • Mentoring schemes for international and UK-based students
  • Advice for international students on finance, careers and more
  • Listening Ears and harassment advisors
  • A multi-faith chaplaincy

Advice on equality and diversity issues

Our Equality and Diversity Officer provides advice and guidance on equality and diversity issues and can help you resolve any problems or concerns you may have while you are studying at the university.

The officer employs a variety of techniques to resolve issues and problems, including advocacy, mediation and conciliation and where ever possible, looks to resolve concerns through open dialogue and joint agreement. All sessions are conducted in a confidential and safe environment.

More information

Download our statements and policies on equal opportunities.