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About the Surveys

National Student Survey

The National Student Survey (NSS) is primarily aimed at final-year undergraduates and gives them the opportunity to make their opinions of their student experience count at a national level. The results are analysed and used to compile a year-on-year comparison of data, which:

  1. helps prospective students to make informed choices on where and what to study
  2. enables participating institutions to identify and improve problem areas.

This web page is to inform our students of the steps we have made to improve various aspects of the university.

National Student Survey 2011

University Student Survey

The University Student Survey (USS) provides an opportunity for undergraduate students not in the National Student Survey population to provide feedback on their student experiences.

This survey which is conducted electronically, includes the same questions that are asked in the NSS. This allows the views of all undergraduates to be gathered, not just those in their final years, so that Schools and the University senior management to get a broader picture of the views of the undergraduate students. The USS is conducted annually by the University of Greenwich.