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Survey Feedback


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Survey Feedback - Health & Social Care

In the 2011 NSS, students from the School of Health & Social Care said that, overall, they were very satisfied with their experience and, in particular, with the teaching on their course and the learning resources available to them.

As a result of what students told us, we are working to further improve student satisfaction with assessment and feedback, organisation and management, and personal development. This is what we are proposing:

Assessment and feedback

We are running a series of marking and moderation workshops to support lecturers in improving their feedback to students and making best use of the assessment feedback sheet. We are working towards meeting the published deadlines for the return of feedback on work and lecturers are being encouraged to provide students with typed feedback.

Organisation and management

Although many aspects of timetabling are beyond the control of the School, we are working to improve the accuracy and timeliness of our timetabling requests to minimise timetable changes and improve the efficiency of the timetable for students, as far as we are able. We are also communicating changes via Moodle and encouraging students to check the online timetables on a daily basis.

Personal development

Particularly for psychology programmes, we have introduced a personal development thread in all years of the programmes, commencing with the Academic and Personal Development course in Year 1. Personal development is further supported through opportunities for writing and improving CVs, handling interviews and learning about opportunities for volunteering, both in and out of the university, that will enable students to develop important skills for employment.

More generally, we are also working towards improving information about the availability of lecturers and the provision of advice about, for example, option choices and final year projects.