Business Ethics

Module summary

Module code: BUSI1314
Level: 5
Credits: 15
School: Business Faculty
Department: Human Res and Organisational Beh
Module Coordinator(s): Wim Vandekerckhove


Pre and co requisites



To stimulate and develop students’ ethical and moral awareness and understanding in the context of organisational management, leadership and governance. Through this course students will learn theoretical and practical tools that will enable them to reason through ethical and moral dilemmas and argue their position in situations of moral disagreement.

Learning outcomes

1 Recognise moral dilemmas in complex business situations
2 Identify the impact of the cultural and institutional context on how ethical dilemmas are formulated
3 Apply ethical theories and practical tools to morally ambiguous situations
4 Develop ethical reasoning skills
5 Develop an ability to formulate a moral argument in favour or against particular choice of actions

Indicative content

The course will focus on ethical issues in the context of organisational governance and leadership; political and legal dimensions of business, importance of cultural and institutional contexts, organisational trust, organisational deviance.