Individual Project

Module summary

Module code: ELEC1036
Level: 6
Credits: 30
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Engineering
Module Coordinator(s): Michael Okereke



The individual project enables a student to study a topic in depth, to further develop experience in the retrieval and critical assessment of information and to plan, execute and report on an individual work programme. The preparation of an individual project enables students to use a range of skills that have been developed throughout their programme: for example, the skills of enterprise, initiative, design and analysis required for thorough investigation and research into a particular engineering topic; the motivation and time management skills necessary to produce a substantive and organised piece of reported work and the ability to synthesise and integrate complex information.

This module aims to: provide students with an opportunity to carry out a critical, in-depth study in an area of particular relevance to their chosen engineering specialism; foster enhanced problem-solving, presentation and management skills; encourage initiative and the investigative reading of background and source materials and apply this to the solution of a problem of some complexity; encourage students to develop the ability to integrate data and knowledge to provide an appropriate critical analysis; develop the ability to work on an individual basis, with limited direct supervision, to promote self-development skills.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1 Undertake a substantial programme of engineering work on an individual basis that integrates various facets of their chosen engineering specialism
2 Use a wide range of skills to solve engineering and design problems
3 Conduct and report an appropriate literature and state-of-the-art survey
4 Design, conduct, analyse and report an engineering project
5 Disseminate the findings of the project by poster and oral presentations, and in a properly structured written report

Indicative content

Projects will generally fall into three categories: investigation, planning, design, construction and evaluation of a topic relating to the student’s chosen engineering specialism; planning, execution and analysis based on laboratory or field investigations; in-depth study and critical appraisal and analysis of an existing or proposed engineering scheme, system or sector of the engineering industry or field of research. Topics for projects are provided by members of staff within the School, by industrial organisations and, occasionally, by students themselves. The main criteria for the acceptability of a topic for an individual project are that it should offer a substantial challenge to the student’s initiative, together with the development of engineering and management skills appropriate to the programme of study. The project will involve activities that are relevant to the formation of a professional practising engineer.

The student takes responsibility for their own decisions whilst executing the project knowing that often there is no one unique solution to most engineering problems. This means that the student plans and carries out the project with a fair degree of independence, under the general guidance of the academic supervisor.