Science Laboratory Skills

Module summary

Module code: CHEM0074
Level: 0
Credits: 15
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Science
Module Coordinator(s):



This course aims to:-

extend practical skills and understanding of scientific method;
extend organisational skills in the laboratory with due regard to safe practice;
reinforce through experiment, theoretical ideas introduced in other courses;
enable students to acquire new knowledge and understanding through their own investigations;
extend skills in observation, measurement and analysis;
improve analysis, reporting of scientific experiments and presentation of data.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this course, the student will:-

have developed reliable and consistent manipulative and practical skills;
be able to make accurate measurements and to evaluate these measurements;
have acquired an awareness of safe practice in the laboratory and be able to identify hazards;
be able to design and conduct a range of simple investigations;
be able to construct simple scientific hypotheses and outline the limitations of any conclusions drawn from experimental data;
be able to appropriately apply information technology to processing and presenting results of experimental work.

Skills Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course, a student will be able to plan and carry out a practical exercise with due regard to safety through the use of risk assessments. The student will demonstrate the ability to relate experimental data to the Partnered underlying theoretical principles and will appreciate the limitations of scientific models.

Indicative content

A selection of practical work will be Partnered with the appropriate co-requisite theory courses.

Teaching and learning activity

Practicals will be selected and grouped according to the appropriate co-requisite theory course(s). Laboratory based teaching will be supported by briefing and debriefing sessions and a range of methods may be used including:
following sets of written and verbal instructions;
task oriented where students design their own schedule;
group project work.


Assessment of individual pieces of practical work may vary according to the objective of the exercise but will reflect the learning objectives of the course.

Coursework - 100%
Completion of at least 12 substantial practicals with appropriate reports.