Practical and Professional Skills - Chemistry

Module summary

Module code: CHEM1099
Level: 4
Credits: 30
School: Engineering and Science
Department: Science
Module Coordinator(s): Milan Antonijevic



• To develop self-management, time management and self-assessment (using PDP) skills.
• To develop a range of competencies including general transferable skills and technical skills in the laboratory.
• To extend the students skills in observation, measurement, data presentation and interpretation.
• To introduce students to more specialised techniques appropriate to associated theory modules.
• To assist the development of the understanding of associated theory modules.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1. Select and use appropriate laboratory apparatus and equipment and conduct experiments in an organised manner.
2. Apply a set of transferable skills.
3. Make observations with care and make accurate measurements.
4. Present data in a suitable format, calculate results where appropriate and draw conclusions.
5. Use computing and computing packages to aid study, obtain information and to present reports and data.

Indicative content

A selection of practical work will be associated with the appropriate theory modules.